The full story of Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted (currently)

Since Destiny 2 has passed from a model of history, strictly based on additions, to seasonal, the game has become more pleasant. Nevertheless, it may be difficult to keep track of these constantly introducing elements of history, especially for fans who like to take long breaks in the game. So, this is a brief presentation of what happened during the storyline of the ghost season.

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Summary of the plot of Destiny 2 season of ghosts


What happened in the plot of the season of ghosts during the first week?

What happened in the plot of the season of ghosts in the second week?

summary of the plot of Destiny 2 season of ghosts

What happened in the plot of the season of ghosts during the first week?

We begin by finding out that Kalus brought his leviathan to the moon, where he hopes to chat with the sleeping pyramid of darkness. The avant-garde decides to mobilize the helmet and resist the kalus and nightmares of the moon face to face.

Your first mission is to go aboard an abandoned Leviathan and confirm whether Kalus established a connection with the pyramid. You will once find a luxurious ship now filled with ghosts of the pyramid and also covered with egregor fungus that pursued the Glycon Volatus ship from the prediction quest. During this mission, you will encounter a phantom known as nightmare of Safia . She will lead you through the rest of the mission until you get to the trap left by Kalus. You manage to run away safely and escape from Leviathan.

After a successful return to Helm, Eris Morne explains to the rubble and Kayatla that the pyramid moves for Leviathan. Now he shows the keeper the deepest regrets and fears . Eris Morne appears Ritual the hive with a hollow and a crow to try to tie his nightmares inside his bodies. We see Safia behind the rubble and Uldren is owl behind the raven during the ritual. Then we are shown that although Kayatl did not take part in the ritual, her nightmare, hum appears behind her.

You go to underbuilding Leviathan with a raven in the Sever-Shame mission, when you are trying to understand the first time in the connection of Kalus with darkness. You place ritual amplifiers on the way to the gap. Eris Morne explains to Vorone that nightmares will appear here and that they will take the form Uldren owl .

Throughout the mission, the nightmare Uldren scolds the crow to try to get into his head. The raven at first retains composure, but is quickly annoyed and loses control. Raven could not complete the ritual of the gap as he is afraid to repeat the past mistakes of Uldren.

After talking with Crow after the mission, you will find that he begins to understand what needs to be d1. He claims that he had previously lied to himself who he was and where, but this is what Uldren did, and this is time to accept the truth and move on. Eris Morne explains that the situation is much worse than originally supposed, and that Levitan became a continuation of the lunar pyramid . She will prepare Crowe for the next confrontation.

What happened in the plot of the season of ghosts in the second week?

Eris Morne explains that we tried to conduct the last ritual incorrectly. The answer is not in denial-we cannot simply exterminate these nightmares. We must accept them and use our own weapons of darkness against ourselves. She believes that acceptance may be successful where the refusal was unsuccessful.

You return to underbuilding Leviathan with a raven repeat the ritual in the mission of the north-reconciliation. Crowe is a little upset that his last ritual actually returned us to the starting point. However, he quickly returns to optimism. Uldren continues to scold a raven throughout the mission. The crow remains this time much calmer around and explains that he is ready to meet everything that he can meet in his way to complete the ritual.

After the repeated beginning of the ritual and the victory over the fanatic of the raven, the ritual is ready to complete. He tells Uldren that he accepted who he was once and that Uldren’s mistakes will help him never balance on the verge. The ritual was successful and the connection of Leviathan with the pyramid.

Having met with a raven after the mission, he explains that it was for this that he was reborn in the light. He must correct Uldren’s mistakes and thereby pave his own path. He even discusses the cover of some of the old Keyd patrols and the potential occupation of his place as Hunter Vanguard if allowed him.

When you meet Eris Morne, she explains that darkness can be used for good. She claims that Uldren was the same part of the raven as the darkness part of you. Through the connection with the crown of sorrow, we can use nightmares against Kalus .

Kayatl informs you about his findings. She found that Leviathan for some time existed in an anomaly between a well-known and unknown dimension. He returned, many loyalists were dead, and the egregor of the mushroom captured all the decks. At the request of the Valus, Raven’s forces Help them in a joint investigative mission .

_ We continue to update this leadership until the history of the season is coming to an end._
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