3 OTT companies request to suspend service to PaySense One Day Pass Sales PaySense

Three domestic online video service (OTT) sent a proof of contents that aims to stop the service to PaySense, which is the main business model.

According to the industry on the 10th, three domestic OTT companies, including Wave, Teabing, and Watcha, have completed the legal review to cope with PaySense and sent the proof of the contents.

PaySense is a site that sells daily passes for six OTT services, including Netflix, Teabing, Wave, Watcha, Disney Plus and Rapel. The company owns the ID and shares it with the members.

PaySense purchased a premium pass using the OTT platform allowed to share a limited account, and then split it and sold it to individual users. PaySense has no legal problem, but it has been controversial because it does not have a direct content supply contract with the OTT platform.

The three OTT companies sent out proof of the law as a result of the review of the law. An official from the domestic OTT industry said, We are conducting internal discussions on future procedures and are also considering lawsuits.

Netflix and Disney Plus have made it clear that they are aware of the matters internally.

An official of Netflix said, Plural profile is a way designed to allow several families to watch other programs at the same time in one house..

A Disney Plus official said, We are fully aware of the situation and we are conducting internally.

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