Battle Royale Game Super People, the final test will be conducted in August.

On the 10th, Wonder People announced on August 17 that Wonder People will conduct a final closed test of the shooting game ‘Super People’ through the summer game fest 2022. At the same time, the Twitch Gaming Show predicted the developer Live Stream at the Super People Official Twitch Channel.

‘Super People’ is a shooting game that aims to select one of the 12 Super Soldiers with various characteristics and special skills and survive until the end. Along with the brilliant skill play of the ultimate skills that can be obtained by growing the super solar, it has been well received for the item farming and firearm upgrade content that is different from the existing Battle Royale. In the closed test held in December, the test started five days after the start of the test, and has gained great attention from gamers around the world, ranking 26th in the new game and 26th in the game. More than 4 million testers participated in the global test.


The developer Live Stream, which is attended by Park Sung-gon and major developers, will be held at 11 am on the 16th. Wonder People will introduce new contents that can be enjoyed in the development situation and the final closed test so far.

Wonder People Park Sung-gon, director of Wonder People, said, The last CBT, which has been involved by more than 4 million Super Soldiers around the world, has become a great force for all developers of Wonder People, as well as developing more evolved ‘Super People’. He said, We look forward to the final beta test that starts on August 17, and we look forward to your interest in the developer Live Stream, which introduces the content of the final beta test.

For more information on the final closed test and developer’s live stream of ‘Super People’, please visit the official website.

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