The best passing characters and equipment in Mario Strikers: Battle League

One of the most important things that players can do in Mario Strikers: Battle League is to find out the character statistics in the game. All ten characters have a different composition of characteristics, and the characteristics determine the role of each character specializes in. Attention to this can help players make the best moves on the field.

The best passing characters in Mario Strikers: Battle League


Luigi An excellent universal character. Its characteristics are quite balanced, but its high passage and Technique Statistics make it an excellent scorer, even if it relies on his Hyper Strike.

Basic Statistics Luigi in Mario Strikers: Battle League

strength *: 11
Speed : 11
shooting : 10
Passage *: 14
Technique *: 17


Yoshi can play and score goals like a professional. Yoshi is quite balanced, but specializes in shooting as well as passage . Yoshi is good to go to the front line and lead a more attacking game.

Basic Yoshi Statistics in Mario Strikers: Battle League

strength *: 10
Speed : 10
shooting : 17
Passage *: 17
Technique *: 9

Donki Kong

Donky Kong has a high passage as well as strength Statistics that makes it an ideal protector. It will be difficult for opponents to break through the massive body of Donka Kong. This character is also universal and can serve as a scorer in any team.

Basic Statistics of the Donky Kong in Mario Strikers: Battle League

strength *: 16
Speed : 9
shooting : 13
Passage *: 16
Technique *: 9

The best equipment for passing in Mario Strikers: Battle League

The set of chains is the best passage of programs in Mario Strikers: Battle League, with the exception of Bushido helmet . The Bushido helmet is the only item of the Bushido recommended for passing assembly, since other Bushido items will increase different characteristics.

Chapter *: helmet Bushido
Hands : chain mittens
body : chain plate
* legs : chain boots


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