What is the game that is popular in childrens schools? 3rd place Photona 2nd place Micra, which won the first place …

ARINA has conducted a questionnaire in House Teaching Materials Forest for infants and elementary school parents, What is the game that is now popular in children’s school? **. We have announced the results of a survey for parents with 200 junior high school children and younger children.

A game ranking that is popular among children today, who are also worried about gamers who have grown up. According to this questionnaire, the first place was Atsume Animal Crossing .


This work has been a long run hit since the release in 2020. The comments received in the questionnaire were **, I heard that my friends and my husband were also enjoying the children, and I heard that adults were enjoying them together. There is no child around me. Words such as Because home time has increased and plays connected by friends are popular. This work, which can be enjoyed by both adults and children, and functions as an exchange, can be said to be the reason why it is very popular.

The second place was Minecraft . ** It is popular with children because you can make things freely. It seems interesting to be attacked by zombies at night. Because children are watching Youtube live videos happily. The opinion of * has been posted.

And the third place was Fort Knight . Here is a comment, Some children are planning to buy gaming PCs with New Year’s balls to play in a good environment, and they often play online with friends. In addition, ** was given a letter from the school saying, Because it is popular, such as Fort Knight, we will discuss the game time at home. rice field.

In the following rankings, 4th place Pokemon Legends Arseus and 5th place Treasure Smash Brothers Special will also appear.

According to the results of this questionnaire, House Teaching Materials Forest is the first place in Atsume Animal Crossing , and in the stay home, you can spend a relaxing time online and children. The reason is that they can play intuitively and that parents can easily participate.

For details on ranking and other comments, please check the results of the House Teaching Material Forest survey.

  • The questionnaire data is from House Teaching Material Forest (https://naki-blog.com/study/).

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