PC Gamer: Starfield is ugly No Mans Sky

PC Gamer editor Phrase Brown published his opinion on the presentation projects Xbox Games Showcase, including the most discussed game-Starfield. It was about her that the author spoke out very unpleasantly, and the senior editor of the publication agreed with him.

The promising presentation of the Starfield gameplay, which was postponed to the last, made a negative impression on PC Gamer journalists. There is nothing new in this game, it is pale, mediocre, and Todd Howard’s attempts to surprise the viewer looked ridiculous. A thousand generated planets? Flights on the ship in the game about flights in space?


The shown gameplay itself is also little noteworthy: landing to the surface and immediately collecting resources with a laser, and then slurred shooting. Thousands of planets will also surely be deserted, icy, barren-never the case.

In general, to Starfield, the claim of the community is as follows: what will be better than No Man’s Sky and what is the point of studying the planets.

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