Super Cent, Influencer Expedition Man Teaming Strategic Partnership for IP diversification

111%of the subsidiary Super Cent (CEO Joon-sik) announced on the 20th that it has signed a strategic partnership with Won Jung Man, a global top tier influencer, to diversify its global IP business.

Expedition Man is an influencer with 45 million followers worldwide in TikTalk, a short form video platform.

Super Cent plans to produce the won-man IP-based hyper casual game and launch a global publishing business through this strategic partnership. At the same time, the company plans to reinterpret the fun elements of various contents of the original man as a hyper casual game.

In addition, we will establish a global marketing collaboration model through the expedition mantalk channel. In order to enhance the value of the Tic Talk channel operated by the expedition man, we plan to continue R & D to build a new marketing collaboration model by actively utilizing Super Cent’s global UA know-how to increase value as a global influencer marketing channel.

Gong Joon-sik, CEO of Super Cent, said, We are looking forward to creating a synergy by Super Cent, which has created 50 million downloads global with the original man’s creative that captivated the MZ generation around the world and a hyper casual game that anyone can enjoy easily. Starting with this cooperation, we will try to open a new market with various influencers and fun and novel hyper casual games.

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