Elden Ring Director is already working on the next game

Fromsoftware President and Elden Ring Director Hidetak Miyazaki gave an interview to 4gamer.net portal. During the conversation, the famous Japanese game designer announced that one of the studio unanouncated games is already in the final stage of development. He also stated that he himself began to work on the next project.

In addition, Miyadzaki said that other gamers are also working on several non-anons of games. Unfortunately, as in the case of his project, he did not provide any details about them. What about the successful Elden Ring, the studio is going to continue to release updates for it.

Since there are no details, it can be assumed that FromSoftware can be a mysterious game at the final stage of development from the Armored Core 6 furs, the screenshots of which flowed into the network in the beginning of this year.

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