Italian also prohibits the use of Google Analytics recommended

CNIL, a French data protection agency, banned the use of Google Analytics, while Italy’s personal information supervision authorities GPDP also recommended the ban on using Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a service for measuring Internet users and paths visiting the website.

Italy’s GDPD, based on the Data Protection Act, said, The website that uses Google Analytics-related services transmits user data to the United States, a country where appropriate data is not protected. It will be violated.

According to the IT foreign sanctions on the 24th, GDPD announced the results after collaborating with European privacy authorities in relation to the prohibition of use of Google Analytics. As a result, the website using Google Analytics is a cookie (information that mediates between the user and the website by leaving a visit record of the Internet website), and the exchange between the user and the website or ▲ the user accesses each page ▲ It was found to be collecting information about providing services.

The data collected by Google Analytics through cookies included the IP address, browser and operating system (OS), display resolution, use language, and dates to the website. GDPD explains that these data are being sent to the US server.


The French authorities, CNIL, concluded that the service did not fulfill the data protection rules because the US intelligence agency is likely to be connected to data collected by Google Analytics and transmitted to the United States.

GDPD said, We have not only known illegality that data is transmitted to the United States through Google Analytics, as well as Italian website administrators to use Google Analytics (Google Analytics). Furthermore, GDPD demanded not only the prohibition of use of Google Analytics, but also reconfirmed whether the use of cookies and other tracking tools comply with the EU’s GDPR.

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