Circus Electrique: Darkest Dungeon mit Clowns? Neuer Gameplay

The new video brings it to a size of practically 4 mins, explains regarding the various game mechanics of Circus Electrique and also enables an appearance at the battles, the style of the dungeons or the more development of the characters.

After the Hungarian developers of Zen Studios have actually gone far for themselves with numerous pinball simulations over the last few years, the studio is presently servicing the round-based parlor game Circus Electrique.

Circus Electrique in a spirited method as a dungeon spider with a crisp degree of problem as well as does not also bother to refute his evident role design. Instead, the freshly released gameplay trailer also makes it clear that the dark genre associate Darkest Dungeon was the inspiration in various areas.

a dark steampunk variation of London

More reports concerning Circus Electrique.

Circus Electrique will certainly appear on a consultation for the PC, the Playstation 5, the Playstation 5, the Xbox One, the Xbox Collection X/S as well as Nintendos Change.

Simply like the evident design Darkest Dungeon, when putting your group together, you should make certain that the abilities of your heroes complement each other as necessary. The various enthusiasts or the placement of the warriors on the field of battle will certainly also play an essential function, since your foe normally also has assaults with different arrays as well as make life hard for you.


The story of Circus Electrique puts you right into a dark steampunk variation of the British city London, that fell victim to an apocalyptic disaster that was called The Infuriating. You take control of a variety of different circus members and also put them together right into groups of 4, with whom she in turn discovers dungeons as well as attempts to conserve the population of London.

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