The best buildups of muskets in a new light

Although the New World does not have many options for abilities as in other famous MMOs, the New World weapon system provides a good variety when it comes to the style of the game and ingenuity. The musket is intended for players who value the accuracy and range of shooting above all, allowing them to destroy enemies from afar with crushing shots in the head and crippling traps. However, not all musket assemblies are the same, and there are several assemblies that stand a head above the rest. These assemblies are recommended for both PVP and PVE.

musket and rapier

The musket and rapier, a cult combination of weapons from the very beginning of the game, are well combined for several reasons. Firstly, they are both scaled primarily from dexterity, so it is not difficult to maximize the characteristics in order to benefit from each weapon. Secondly, rapier provides mobility and protection, two main advantages of an almost motionless musket; Although this, of course, is not the best assembly of tanks in the New World, it is an incredible weapon for survival. Finally, the combination of the powder burn skill with the bleeding of the rapier creates an exhausting combination of damage over time. For skills, take a musket Strelka Stroke , powder burn and also traps and for a rapier take tons , Return blow and also evasive .

musket and ax

Although the hatchet primarily depends on the strength, his secondary dexterity, combined with the damaged damage and mobility, make it an excellent pair with a musket. The ax sacrifices a little rapid’s protective abilities, but compensates for this with a huge damage and good treatment. For the skills of this build, take powder burn , stopping power and also sticky bomb on the muskete in combination with wild impulse , berserker as well as raging stream * on the ax. The result was a balanced assembly that allows you to switch between close battle and shooting from afar.

musket and spear

The combination of musket and spear can be considered as a zoning version of the combination of musket and rapier. The spear has limited mobility and the possibility of damage, but it more than compensates for this weakness with its incredible possibilities for controlling the crowd. For this combination, the best musket skills are traps , powder burn and also Strelka stand . For a spear: jump from the storage , skewer and SWEEP offer a lot of ways to control the crowd mixed with a powerful bleeding effect, which will hold enemies at a distance.

musket and fiery staff

At first glance, this combination seems strange compared to the previous combinations of near-battle. Nevertheless, the firing staff actually covers the main weakness of the musket: pricking damage. In the new light, the lost and angry enemies of the earthly type resist the pricking damage and weaker to the Ao-Atams. Thus, the fiery staff, which has a large AOE-potential, perfectly hides this weakness of the musket. Moreover, each weapon depends on intelligence, and fire personnel can even offer some mobility. For musket skills, powder burn , sticky bomb and also traps go well with fire personnel Fire pillar , fire ball and burn out skills ** skills to do it for destructive long damage.


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