They share a new manga art of my hero academy

Something that fans of my hero academy have noticed, is that the different volumes of the manga do not come out so spaced compared to other famous publications of the Shonen Jump. Thus, many are already preparing to read the 35th volume of the work, which has revealed its official art that puts Deku as the protagonist.

This new volume will have great importance for the franchise, since it will mark the beginning of a final battle, which puts the heroes and villains in a scenario of constant conflicts. Art gives us a scoop that Deku is preparing his mind to put his heart in battle, because now his physical skills will not be enough.

Here the cover:

It is worth noting that the creator of the series, Kohei Horikoshi, pointed out last December that the series would last approximately one more year if his plans worked, something that perhaps is not fulfilled at the foot of the foot of the lyrics. Since _my Hero Academia is still planning a total war with the characters, which will have the best fights seen so far.

In news related to the franchise. An artist recently confirmed that the animation for the fourth season will not be of this world, this was announced through social networks. In case you want to take a look at his full statement, we invite you to click on the following link.

Remember that in autumn the new animated episodes will be released.

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