They address the connection between Gotham Knights and Justice League

Recently, a new gameplay of Gotham Knights, game that involves the most prominent superheroes within the world of Batman , is now released, now being the turn to shine for Robin . And during the video many fans were excited by the special mention of the Justice League , part that was already clarified by one of the developers of the title.


In a recent interview, the narrative director Ann Lemay talked about what this mention means for Gotham Knight s. She clarifying that the narrative will focus solely on the events that take place within Gotham City . However, the study also wanted to make sure that this version did not exist within a bubble in the universe DC , so the existence of said group is confirmed.

This is what she commented:

For us, using satellite teleportation of the Justice League with Robin makes a lot of sense. He knows that he is there, he takes advantage of it for himself in combat. It was obvious that we would use it. Gotham Knights is an independent story that happens in the city. They are part of a bigger universe and we will never say, ‘Oh, they are only in his little bubble. So there can be references, but that’s the farthest to get.

It is worth mentioning that The Justice League of this universe is not linked to the games that it is developing Rocksteady with the next launch of _suicide squad. However, it was an element that many wanted to become a reality.

Remember that Gotham Knights will arrive on October 25, 2022. **

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