The first trailer for the Trigun Stampede anime and the series of the series

Toho Animation and the Orange CG-Studio took part in Anime Expo 2022, where they showed the first trailer for the upcoming Trigun Stampeda anime. And yes, it is made using CGI graphics, and not drawn by hand.

The director of this anime (presumably the series) will be Kenji Muto, and Kodzhi Kajima is responsible for the design of the characters. As for the voice acting of the main roles, then:

  • Vesh-Yoshchitsyu Matsuoka (Kirito in SAO).
  • Nayvs Million-Junia Ikeved.

* Young Vesh-Tom Kurosava (Amia in Arknights).
* Young Nayvs-Yumiri Hanamori (Zarchiko Kagamikhara in Yuru Camp).
* Ram Savarem-Maaya Sakamoto (Jeanne d’Arc in Fate/Grand Order).

The premiere of Trigun Stampede will once take place in 2023, but we do not have more accurate information yet.

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