Hoyverse has launched a new Genshin Impact web event called Buncing Blobby Slime, which will take place from July 4, 2022 to July 10, 2022. The main objective of the players during this event is to help Slime jump through platforms rocky until the end of the map reaches. If he does, he will reward players with BLOB coins that can eventually be exchanged with rewards. Here is a detailed breakdown of the Genshin Impact Buncing Blobby Slime event.

How to start the event Genshin Impact Buncing Blobby Slime

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To participate in the event Genshin Impact Buncing Blobby Slimes, players must go to the official website of the event and log in to their Hoyover account to play. Select the correct server according to your region to start.

Once you have access to the minigame, you will initially be asked to complete a practice mode that will take approximately a few minutes. During training for this minigame, you will be asked to bounce a drool holding the left mouse button or the space bar.

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This will bring a line of destination that must be aligned with the following platform for a successful landing. Once the target line is aligned, release the mouse button or the space bar to bounce the drool. Landing slime in the center of the platform will reward you with 30 points.

Shortly after completing training, a level called Rolling Stones will be unlocked for you. A certain amount of resistance for each level is consumed; In this case, you will need 30 resistance points to play. You can also win resistance points by completing actions such as logging in Genshin Impact daily, complete two daily commissions daily, consume 40 original resins daily and log in to the web event every day.

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The Genshin Impact Buncing Blobby Slime event presents eight levels in total. At each level of Buncing Adventure, there is a possibility of reactivation that revives the slime without consuming Stamina or Blob Coins if you do not land on the following platform. After completing the 8 levels in Boucing Adventure, you will get access to the Infinite Buncing mode. In this way, you can get a maximum of 400 Blob Coins for each race.

Event rewards

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Once you win a handful of Blob Coins playing Boucing Adventure, go to the home page of the event and click on the Gold gift button to access the rewards menu. You can exchange your BLOB currencies won with rewards such as Primographics, Hero’s Wit, Mystic Enhancement Ore and more .

It is worth noting that the rewards in Blob Store are divided into several levels. Travelers must redeem all rewards of the current level before the next level is unlocked. As always, the game rewards will be distributed through the game of the game and you will not be able to claim them after the end of the event.

That is all you need to know about Genshin Impact Buncing Blobby Slime event. Before leaving, do not forget to consult some of our other contents related to Genshin Impact here in Impact, such as how to get and use electro sigils and all the locations of the sanctuary of Liyue’s depths.

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