Cobalt protocols that can be enjoyed lightly, its pros and cons and future future?

About three weeks have passed since the addition of the new cobalt protocol (hereinafter referred to as ‘cobalt’), the new mode of Eternal Return. Cobalt mode is a 4VS4 occupation-based mode that provides fun than the existing Battle Royale mode. As you can answer, many users are enjoying cobalt mode.

Of course, it’s not just a positive response to cobalt mode. As mentioned earlier, it is a mode that has been added for less than a month yet. What are the advantages and disadvantages of cobalt mode that users think?

▣ Advantages of the cobalt protocol
○ Mode that can be enjoyed lightly

Lumia island, centered on Battle Royale, is hard to know when and where to meet the enemy, and one small mistake leads to dropout. Unlike before, as soon as the second day, the resurrection system was applied, but as soon as it started, the number of winners was reduced, but in the end, only one winner or one team, and the remaining 15 to 17 users have no choice but to experience defeat.

Cobalt mode, on the other hand, is not directly related to the defeat of the game. On the contrary, if you die, you can buy items and infusions, so it is part of your strategy to die at the right timing and buy items and incentives.

In addition, there are some users who have the advantage that there are no third teams, and that situations such as ABC or Hyena do not occur. I think it’s a great sympathy for Lumia Fiber, who has been kicked out of loot and has been driven out of defeat by a third team that suddenly appeared after the engagement with other teams.

○ Various play experience

One of the features of cobalt mode is that the experiments they play are randomly determined. Afterwards, four modified experiments are given, and afterwards, the opposing team will be replaced with the optional experiments. It is often the case to play a different experimental body than usual.

In addition, the items must be selected from the random options, so the item setting is also different from usual. In addition, the presence of the Infusion System, which is only available in cobalt mode, the miniature Solar System, and Cobalt Blue, which are only cobalt mode items, provide users with a completely different play experience than Lumia Island. These various play experiences can give users a fresh feeling and different fun.

○ Rising of engagement ability

On the island of Lumia, you can be eliminated due to one mistake. Therefore, if it is not a certain situation, it may be avoided to engage with the enemy, and in the necessary circumstances, the battle may not be properly continued due to the hesitation. But in cobalt mode, if you closed your eyes, the battle continues immediately. The combat experience continues to accumulate, which naturally leads to an increase in the skills and engagement of the experiments.

In addition, as you use a variety of items, you can learn the effects of items that were not used well. Of course, even if the name is the same item, the effect is different in Lumia Island and the cobalt mode, but most of them are similar in effect, which helps to increase the skill-related skills.

▣ Disadvantages of the cobalt protocol
○ Environment that is difficult for beginners to adapt

Eternal Return’s main content is Lumia’s island of Battle Royale. So most of the users who have started returning Eternity have no choice but to be familiar with the Battle Royale return. However, when you enter cobalt mode, you will experience a completely different appearance from the Eternal return you have played so far. It would be nice to have a different fun, but on the contrary, it also gives a feeling of being a recruit that fell on the battlefield without knowing anything.

I haven’t dealt with one experiment yet, but suddenly I give them a lot of experiments. In addition, it is difficult to figure out what items are right for their experiments because they come out randomly. As a result, for beginners, it may be a new task rather than enjoying cobalt mode.

○ Item gap by luck

The most dissatisfied element in cobalt mode is also a growth gap by random item. Lumia Island can make the items you want by farming even if it takes time, but in cobalt mode, it is determined by luck.

If our team and the opposing team have similar skills, of course, the team that selected the item would be more likely to win. However, our team is difficult to find legend items, but the opposing team has a feeling that the element of luck has a big impact on the game.

○ Difficult to overturn the unfavorable situation

Cobalt mode is more difficult to reverse when it starts to be disadvantageous. The disadvantageous cause may be snowballs due to the difference in items mentioned earlier, or the difference between the experiments. And if the gap was widened from the beginning, most of the time was hardened.

As this experience is repeated, when the difference begins in the beginning, there is a team member who gives up the game. And because of the 4VS4 team game, the team has no choice but to converge to 0%at the moment of giving up the game.

▣ What is the future of the cobalt protocol?
The Cobalt Protocol caused a fresh breeze to the Eternal Return, which was located in the center of Battle Royale. As the unique lightness was designed to allow users to enjoy casually, it provided a different fun with a different play experience than Lumia Island. In fact, many users enjoy cobalt mode, and competitions based on cobalt mode are held.

Of course, there is certainly unfortunate in cobalt mode. However, these parts are recognized by the game company, and we can see that they are keen on cobalt mode. Even after the launch of cobalt mode, unfortunate parts are being supplemented through steady patches, and the cobalt mode-only balance patch is also in progress.

It is also possible to see that there will be several improvement patches for cobalt mode on the roadmap. The grinder, which is scheduled to be added on July 7, is a factor that can be returned to a part of the credit by crushing useless items. In addition, on July 21, a patch that provides a special support box to an unfavorable team will provide an opportunity to reduce the gap with the opposing team, and new Infu evangelism with various effects will be added.

Although it was not confirmed, there was a mention that later, there would be a patch to add new features to cobalt mode. As time goes by, these efforts will accumulate, and cobalt mode will become more and more balanced. I hope you will have another fun for users who enjoy Eternal Return with Lumia Island.

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