The MMORPG Albion Online installed a second patch in the bead update

Mmorpg Albion Online received a second patch for updating in the bee. The main changes relate to the crystal league and combat balance.


Now the tokens of the second and third levels for both leagues (deadly and without deaths) can again be purchased from the master of energy, and the old tokens of the same levels are available for use. Tokens for the fourth and fifth levels have become transmitted.

Some workshops were improved. So, the damage of hostility was increased, and the delay in the damned resin was reduced. The spikes damage area is also increased, and the flower growth skill can now be cast more often.

The changes affected the damned dungeons. Mephites have become more cruel to passive opponents, which have been avoiding battle for a long time. The developers also diversified the meta in arms.

You can read about all the details of the patch on the game website.

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