The 5 best Dota 2 carriers for patch 7.31d

wondering what the 5 best carriers of Dota 2 for patch 7.31d Are they? Well, you are not alone, since the goal of the game is constantly evolving. Each patch released can do or undo to any particular hero, change the map or edit the value of gold and experience. With this in mind, here is everything you need to know.


The best bearers of Dota 2 for patch 7.31d

Ursa is a fantastic hero regardless of the patch, the reason lies in her skills set:

  • Earthquake (Q)
  • Dominate (W)
  • Fury blows (E)
  • Enraged (R)

Overpower and Fury Swipes, in particular, are the reason why it thrives in the topic of the current patch of faster games and less gold accumulation. Consistently, the patches released to endow 2 make the game end faster and reduce the speed at which one can acquire gold because the jungle’s creeps give a flat reward. In the past, the reward of the Creeps increased every minute; However, since URSA thrives with the levels and not with the elements, these changes affect it less.

Overpower essentially maximizes the attack speed of one, where Fury’s blows generate accumulations of physical damage that even destroy the hero plus tank. Together with a decent base armor and an excellent base speed, URSA obtains a place among the 5 best hauls.

I mentioned that he is the only hero who can do only Roshan in less than 10 minutes of play?


The best bearers of Dota 2 for patch 7.31d

Medusa is a hero who has been strong during some patches. Despite Nerf to the rewards and a faster lanes stage, Medusa denies these problems having integrated agricultural tools with Split Shot and Mystic Snake.


  • Divided shot (Q)

* Mystical Snake (W)
* Maná shield (e)
* Stone look (R)

While other heroes have to remain in the lane until they obtain Battlefury or Maelstrom, so that they can grow AOE in the jungle camps, Medusa has AOE damage with the right mouse button from level one if you want. In a faster pace goal, skipping an agricultural element and directly opting for team struggle elements gives it a solid advantage.

Combine this with the ability to replace his mana, effectively duplicate his health group with Mana Shield and be a team struggle monster with Stone Gaze: Medusa is easily one of the best carriers of 7.31d.

You simply do not choose it in anti-magnum.


The best bearers of Dota 2 for patch 7.31d

Juggernaut is an extremely popular hero option for both professional and others. He has everything he must have a good melee ray:

  • High movement speed
  • DPS of a single extremely high target
  • The ability to stay in the lane
  • Good coup animation.

His skills are complete and provide a powerful set of tools:

  • Fury of blades (Q)
  • Healing Guardian (W)
  • Sword dance (E)

In particular, Blade Fury while active provides complete magical immunity. The concept behind Juggernaut is to cultivate and maintain the pressure constantly pushing in the lanes until you get the necessary elements to fight as a team. You can afford to play more aggressively, if the enemy tries to make an ambush, simply explode Blay Fury and Teletransporte. Rinse and repeat.

  • Do not fight unless you have basic elements and your ultimate is ready
  • Do not convert Juggernaut into heroes who can pierce magical immunity and stun (Bane)

Easy mmr!

Lady of Lives

The best bearers of Dota 2 for patch 7.31d

Lifesteraler is a hero that usually does not have the burden of having to build a cultivation object: he rushes to use combat objects and can be kept indefinitely in the lane or jungle. He has fundamental qualities that also do it good in the lanes stage.

  • High movement speed
  • Decent base armor
  • Magic immunity incorporated
  • Theft of incorporated life


  • Rabies (Q)
  • Festin (theft of passive life)
  • Ghoul Frenzy (Slow Liabilities)
  • Infestar (R)

Essentially, you will play Lifesteraler very similar to how you would play Juggernaut.

  • Constantly keep the pressure on the outer lanes and the farm
  • When they catch you, activate your rage ability to get magical immunity and teleport to the other side of the map.
  • Just fight once you have acquired your main elements and the skills are out of reuse.

Lifesteraler is a very powerful hero if you follow these guidelines.

King spectrum

The best bearers of Dota 2 for patch 7.31d

Wraith King used to be a very weak hero, then, more recently, became quite powerful.

Wraith King has four complete and complementary skills.

  • Spectral Fire Explosion (Q)
  • Vampyric spirit (W)
  • Mortal blow (passive, e)
  • Reincarnation (R)

Although his initial armor is not fantastic for the lanes phase, he has a solid and deadly base movement Strike provides a reliable critic to ensure that his reach never refuses. The theft of life incorporated from him and the invocable henchmen of him (Vampiric Spirit) allow him to go to the jungle if the road becomes difficult, and his stuns (Wraithfire Blast) helps him ensure early deaths or creeps. He can also fight as a team before due to his definitive (reincarnation), which provides another life.

He cools yourself to Roshan and can die three times in a row, which makes him a threat to any team. Wraith King is generally a great haul for all levels of skill and MMR.

I hope you enjoyed the the 5 best carriers of Dota 2 for patch 7.31d . With practice, any of these heroes can provide consistent victories. Be sure to search Medusa to get more video game coverage, including the release date of Dragon’s Blood season and today’s Wordle response.

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