How to get Alpha Threat in Valorant?

The Alpha Threat card is one of several cards of the comic book players in Valorant. Unlike other cards of players based on comics, such as Shadow Walker, Alpha Threat, is a free card and does not require anyone to buy or improve their combat pass. To get the Alpha Threat card in Valorant, you need to update the Valorant client to the last patch 5.01, and the card will be available to receive the collection in your inventory .

How to unlock or get Alpha Threat in Valorant?

By default, as soon as you update your Valorant client, you will receive an Alpha Threat card in your players’ cards. Go to the collection section from the main menu. Under the cards of the players, you can find and equip the Alpha Threat card.

If for some reason you have not received a card, try to enter from another account or reinstall the game. Before reinstalling, you can check the Valorant version in the Riot application.

How long will the card be available?


In addition to the announcement of the map, there is no news about how long the card will be available for receipt. Studying previous remuneration models from Riot Games, the card can only be obtained in current law .

What other cards in the style of comics in Valorant?

In addition to alpha hails, there are four various comic book cards in Valorant: Shadow Walker, War Dogs, Legion and Friendly Fire. They were available to all players through a mini-bearing pass during the launch of episode 5.

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