Wow dragonflight: first impressions after 20 hours playing alpha

A new era for World of Warcraft is approaching. It is almost time for all players to spend the page dedicated to Shadowlands towards a new chapter in the history of Azeroth. Dragonflight is almost here, but players have many legitimate doubts.

Our MGG FR colleagues could have the last jewel of Blizzard in their halmen and we bring you their impressions after 20 hours of play.

Gender: * Mass multiplayer role-playing game (MMORPG)
Release date: Before the end of the year
Platform: PC
Developer: * Blizzard Entertainment
Editor: Blizzard Entertainment
Price: € 49.99 in its basic digital version

These are the characteristics to which our colleagues had access:

  • Part of the new characteristics dedicated to the interface.
  • Level 65 to 68
  • All the missions of the main story of Trecho Azur, the third area of the Dragon Islands
    Changes in all the specializations of Knight of the Death , Hunter , Druid , Priest and Pícaro
    The two specializations of the evocative Dracthyr , including their talent trees.
  • Flight with the dragon
  • Some elements of the renewed professions

Interface and accessibility

After almost 18 years of existence, the favorite MMORPG of many players has never stopped trying in many ways. This is undoubtedly the first element that attracts attention when logging in Dragonflight: The interface has changed completely !

The only inconvenience: you miss in the options during the first moments of the game. The appearance of the menu has been completely redesigned . If you don’t like it, peace of mind that the commundiad will launch an Addon soon that will recover the previous version.

Blizzard has taken the opportunity to integrate well-known accessories such as Bartender4 and sexymap . We thus have a refined minimap and of wide possibilities offered to the World of Warcraft players.

There are also new minor options from other accessories , such as the one that allows you to combine several bags in a ** of Bagnon, for example.

Last but not least, it is also an opportunity for Blizzard to add a new touch of accessibility. A written transcriptor for the talks between players has been added, but also may read the texts . A feature that will undoubtedly help people with communication problems feel much more integrated.

The Azur stretch, domain of the blue flight

Let’s go to the heart of the matter: The Dragon Islands . Our colleagues attended the third zone in particular, since all the others were closed. could the entire main narrative of that area there.

The First impression they have had when they arrived was that visually, found varied and colorful landscapes, a desire for many players after so many serious and dark expansions.

Sometimes he reminded certain areas of rasanorte , such as the boreal tundra, The Azur stretch also offers many new landscapes protected by imposing trees under which Gnolls and other known creatures wait for adventurers .

They will probably not reveal you too much if they tell you that there are small indications of Cataclysm in the surroundings also with the presence of formidable protoelementals , always so imposing.

As for the missions, nothing in particular. They are quite short and pleasant to perform. In total, just three hours will be enough to complete the main thread playing quietly and stopping to observe the environment.

To end the Azur stretch, we will say that it is undoubtedly one of the largest areas in the history of World of Warcraft . This is because everything is gigantic, both in height and in length , since you will quickly enjoy flying on snowy plains and forests on the back of your precious dragon .

Last but not least: The sound . We know that many players choose to silence the sound of the game in favor of their favorite music, but our classmates recommend you to leave you Transport during your first adventure on the dragon islands through the atmosphere of the game .

The flight system with the dragon

The system is quite simple to understand Once the beast begins to fly, but the theory is a bit more complex.

Unlike the expansions from The Burning Crusade where the flight was introduced, This mechanic has completely renewed and its effectiveness now depends on the player’s ability . In concrete terms, the dragon you choose to ride in Dragonflight has three energy crystals and an energy bar : This is its vigor . He also has two basic skills, then a third that unlocks in Azur stretch:

Acceleration: * Beat your wings forward. 1.5S of recharge. Cost: 1 resistance
Ascension: Beat your wings to gain height. 1.5S of recharge. Cost: 1 resistance
Molinillo (unlocked later) : Make a wide forward spiral, which increases speed. 30S recharge. Cost: 3 resistance

When you fly , unless you jump from a peak enough, automatically spending 1 resistance to gain altitude. Then, The mount begins to float until it loses all speed and lands .

To maintain your speed or even increase it to 950% bonus , You must control the inertia of your dragon and make sure alternate between vertiginous falls and sudden altitude recoveries . Of course, skills will help you.

If your resistance crystals are empty, then you will only have to trust your outstanding flight skills (or not) so as not to land and continue on foot, since the resistance is only recharged in two ways :

  • While on the floor.
  • Flying at a fairly high speed at a rate of 1 point of resistance every 15 seconds.

Come on, little demonstration without pretensions:

Our partners seem that the system is quite well thought out and that would almost have liked having arranged before . Goodbye to the long and tasteless travel in a straight line from point A to point B: in Dragonflight You will seek to optimize the place from which you take off to save endurance, and especially to never lose too much speed or altitude.

At first it can be a bit frustrating, especially when we don’t have all the skills to optimize this mechanic. However, the long-term result is there: If your usual flying mounts have a speed of 310%, this dragon can generate a bonus of more than 950% at the speed of movement , really giving a feeling of satisfaction to the players who dominate them.

Changes in classes and specializations

As they tell us, It would be quite complex to talk about the changes made in classes and specializations in Dragonflight. On the one hand because only had access to those of the Knight of Death, Druid like talent .

Being thus, one of the things we feared most of this expansion were talent trees . Announced as a real rebirth, they offer each character two very different trees:

  • One dedicated to the character’s class and accessible to all his specializations. You can spend a total of 30 points (at level 70).
  • The other dedicated to the specialization of the character and accessible only to this. You can spend a total of 31 points (at level 70)

Many iconic skills have been eliminated from the basic equipment of all classes to integrate more frequently into the talent tree. Therefore, the three specializations of rogue must spend two points to obtain their stun and Shadow cloak , while a druid must spend three points to obtain rejuvenation and Remove CURSE .

We will have to make decisions , yes, but in general they should (if everything goes as planned) depend on the composition of your group and the situation in which you are .

As for the talents dedicated to the specializations, what is glimpsed is that they seem to be between two and three important buffs for each one, and each of them offers its specificity: unique, multi-objective objective, focused on the DOT… the possibilities are quite surprising and even confusing. But will they be viable?

The return of many lost talents or even legendary elements of past expansions is good news. In practice, however, most of the available constructions benefit largely from the talents that were already present.


Impossible to write an advance on Dragonflight without mentioning the evocative Dracthyr. New breed/expansion class, Draracthyr cannot embody another class other than evocative, and this is exclusive to this breed.

Our colleagues had the opportunity to test the talents and skills of this new class, and The result is successful . After a first approach that brands improvable, the second was the one who click.

Its DPS specialization, devastation , offers a priori two main axes: Red Flight or Blue Flight. The red flight seems more focused on area damage and darsh at relatively long distances , while the blue flight is more vibrant thanks to a Build very focused on its instantaneous damage in a single objective and its high mobility .

On the side of its Healer specialization, Preservation , the idea is more or less the same: two main axes seem to propose, one focused on Green Flight and the other in Bronze Flight. The green flight provides direct healing and in time through long enchantments, often based on areas , where the bronze flight anticipates and cancels the damage suffered thanks to a time travel mechanic : A few seconds after receiving damage, a large part of these are canceled. If this or that spell affects you.

In general, very pleasant to handle, Draracthyr Evocator offers some particularly powerful personal or raid bonds:

Source of magic: * The enhanced spells of the evocative restore 0.5 % of the maximum mana of the friendly goal for 30 minutes.
Bronze blessing: * Reduce the reuse time of the main movement capacity of all band members by 15 % for 1 hour.

Very mobile and versatile , reminds to the demon hunter with the double jump and the possibility of sliding they both have.

However, its main and unique mechanics that allows you to strengthen some of your spell Preservation since one of the mentioned Builds is based exclusively on this mechanics.

Ah, and… finally, but not least: they have a racial skill, flight , which allows them to extend their wings every 5 minutes and cross the skies as dragons that you move during this extension. This ability cannot be used in combat, but it can be used in all areas of the game… even outside the dragon islands!


Our colleagues have only had access to some functions of creating quite basic objects for blacksmiths and alchemy. Nothing new on the horizon for the moment on this side, simply concrete for the operation of the different ranges available for the created objects.

At the moment, The system is similar to the creation of the basic objects necessary for the creation of legendary objects in Shadowlands : The more you create an object of a certain type, the more progress bar advances with this type of objects. When the bar reaches its maximum, you get a range for that type of article only between five available. The higher an element, the more powerful statistics or effects it has, But The difference between an element of range 1 and range 5 is relatively small and offers only a slight advantage.

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