MSI, WeMeff Gaming Notebook 12+5% Discount Discount

MS Korea Co., Ltd. (CEO Public Book) announced that it will participate in the gaming festival in WeMef.

The event will be held for five days from Wemef for five days from July 18 (Mon) to 22 (Fri). It is conducted for MSI laptops with external graphics such as RTX, GTX, and Radeon, and 12%(up to 200,000 won) duplicate coupons, 5%(up to 80,000 won) card discounts, gaming headsets/backpacks. You can buy a high-performance gaming notebook as a benefit.

Radar GE67 HX 12UHS, a product for the event, is a premium gaming laptop with a QHD 240Hz OLED panel. It offers overwhelming image quality in the first-person shooting game (FPS) and high-end AAA games with high screenshot, including high resolution, high-resolution, and high resolution, as well as wide color stylistic, high contrast ratio, and display HDR True Black 600.


GP76 Leopard 11UG is a best-selling gaming notebook selected as a standard laptop. It supports the TGP 140W and Nonopimus functions to maximize the graphics performance of the RTX 3070. The 144Hz IPS type panel and the steel series PER-KEY RGB keyboard are equipped with all the conditions for playing the game.

The Sword GF66 A1UE is equipped with Intel i7-11800h, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 and 144Hz high-stock rate. As it is equipped with high-performance processors and graphics, it provides a pleasant gaming environment by applying cooler boost 5, which effectively emits the heat generated inside.

For more information on the MSI notebook, please visit the MSI user cafe or MSI Korea website.

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