How to attend parties in Bitlife

If you want to attend parties in Bitlife, this is light . Firstly, you must do friends , which requires a good relationship with the NPC until they declare you friends. After you have several friends, you can start attending parties by finding the opportunity to do this in the section of friends. Relations profile .


To gain access to the profile of a friend’s relationship, click the relationship tab next to the age button on the concentrator of the main menu in the bitlaif. In the section Relations you can visit the party by clicking the profile of a friend and finding the parameter Party. When using the Party parameter, you and your friend will attend a random party in Bitlife.

How to make friends in Bitlife

If you are trying to make friends in Bitlife, the best way to make them is to be sweet. If you are kind to certain NPC, they will love you and will ultimately want to make friends with you. However, in order to make someone like you in Bitlife, you need to use pleasant actions, such as compliments as well as gifts . If you continue to behave well with someone and use friendly actions, in the end you will have many friends in Bitlife.

Another great way to make friends is to make them at the very beginning of the character’s life. In short, when your character is a child, he will receive several pop-up windows of other people who want to make friends. Take these events, and then you can save friends whom you acquired in childhood, spending time with them and walking. In the end, with age you can at attend parties and use these friends to fulfill the requirements in future tests.

How to attend five parties in Bitlife

If you are trying to go through Sinderella Challenge in Bitlife, you should attend five parties. To attend a total of five parties, use option of a party under the profile of a friend’s relationship five times. This will put a tick before the call in Sinderella Bitlife.

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