How to get money in Project Slayers quickly

Project Slayers is a fascinating role-playing anime game for Roblox, inspired by the anime series The killer of demons. Become a fierce warrior, having mastered many skills, from hand-to-hand combat to handling weapons, using unique combo to defeat your enemies. On this large map of the open world, you will find many discoveries with unique non-game characters and other players with whom you can interact, combining efforts to win complex bosses and earn money to buy powerful equipment. You use Wen to buy weapons, therapeutic materials, quick movement and much more. Here are several ways to make money faster.

How to quickly make money in Roblox Project Slayers

Definition of enemies

A great way to quickly earn a little money and a little experience at the same time is defeat a little enemies . Enemies drop veins after they are defeated, so that you can earn a bit every time. You can fight these initial enemies right outside the first village quickly and easily, which means that you can easily earn some money.

Cify the tasks

Another excellent way to earn a more significant amount of Wen is perform tasks for NPC around the villages. NPC in your radius is marked with images. After talking with them, you will receive several quests with a reward in the form of Wen. These can be simple tasks, such as rice collection or trolley delivery. This is a great way to earn quick money, because you can complete it repeatedly only with a slight delay between them.


Fishing is another great way to earn veins in Project Slayers. Although you first need to buy a fishing for 2500 veins , as soon as you have it, it will cost your time. Selling fish can bring you up to 300 veins for each fish, depending on the rarity, and it is very easy and fun. You can purchase a fishing rod in the village of Ushumaru which you can find using a map on the toolbar and choosing a rod leaning right behind NPS label . Go to any pond after you have a fishing rod, put it on and press it to start fishing. Then return to the brand to sell fish you caught.

Buy 2X Wen Pass

To make veins quickly and efficiently, you can open store and buy 2x increase in Wen . This strengthening will increase the amount of Wen, which you get in any way, such as the above actions. It lasts only 15 minutes , so use your time to the maximum and earn twice as much wan. Open the store by clicking the m button on the keyboard and choosing a cash bag. Dear the cost of Wen 95 Robux .

Here are several ways to quickly make money in Project Slayers. Let us know if they worked for you and how much money you could earn in the comments below!

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