The best characters in Multiversus – a list of characters levels

Multiversus allows you to manage some of your favorite characters from the Warner Bros franchises. With so many characters on the way, you may be interested in who the best characters in Multiversus.

All characters multiversus, ranked

You can find all the characters in Multiversus, ranked below. This list was based on the performance and potential of each character in matches 2 for 2 . Here is the rating of all the characters of Multiversus.

Best Assassin in Multiversus-Finn-man/Harley Quinn

We give the place of the best killer Finn-man and Harley Quinn in Multiversus. The Finn is phenomenal combo and can give himself various up for shops. This allows him to quickly close the shares and become more dangerous than the battle lasts longer. Harley Quinn plays in the style of a tricster, installing bombs and throwing shells in to control the space before killing the opponent.

The best smella in multiversus-Dog Jake/Taz

Dog Jake and TEZ divide the best place in Buiser, because they can perfectly fall into the thick of events. Jake’s range makes him a formidable opponent both near and in the distance. Its ability hold opponents in fear and you should not be perceived frivolously. The pelvis has various techniques that allow it to reduce the distance when setting the hitboxes. This makes it difficult to approach the pelvis, as it is easy to catch and drag you along the stage.

The best magician in multiversus-Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry are an interesting duet, constantly fighting each other and able to hit his opponents in the process. The couple boast of incredible distances of long-range battle and can stand up for themselves in a fight, which allows them to participate in fights. Close and further . Tom and Jerry can apply an incredible amount of damage even before your adversary understands what struck him, especially if his partner distracts another team.

Best support in Multiversus-Velma

Velma is one of the strangest characters in the game, attacking various tips, words and many others. Velma provides support Breathing The opposite team through the scene with various shells, providing buffs and using debuffa . Her secret weapon is a police car that can grab the enemy and drag him from the stage towards death.

Best Tank in Multiversus-Wonder Woman

The Wonder Woman is an absolute force that also succeeds in control over the battlefield and providing protection. She has a lot of strong attacks that can violate enemy and save an ally in trouble. Her lasso truth is a powerful tool that allows you to lure enemies, delay them from allies and even save the allies outside the stage. Despite the fact that she succeeds in defense, the Wonder Woman provides excellent versatility for the team.

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