Dead by Daylight Rebecca Chambers benefits and skills

The last collaboration of Dead By Daylight, Resident Evil Project W, is just around the corner. Behavior Interactive, the game developers recently announced everything that comes in the next update. According to the announcement, Resident Evil’s new collaboration will bring two new survivors: Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers. While we have already listed everything about Rebecca Chambers, this time we have DBD fans covered with Rebecca Chambers’s advantages and skills in Dead by Daylight.

Rebecca Chambers Survivor Perks & Skills at Dead By Daylight Project W

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It is no secret that each Dead By Daylight survivor has a certain set of advantages, and the next Rebecca Chambers will not be different. The unique advantages of her highlight her support skill as a means of Stars and the fact that she learns fast.

Although the advantages of Rebecca Chambers have not yet been officially announced, we apparently already knew what her skills are before launch, thanks to a remarkable data miner from Dead By Daylight. The survivor can be pre-chipated with the following advantages:

Reinsurance *: Pause the other phase of survivors fighting for 20/25/30 seconds. To activate, she must be at a distance of 6 meters.
Hybernfoque : Perk has six chips. The skill check cursor is 0.4 % faster with each file. The progress of the skills verification bonus increases by 1/2/3/% with each file.
Better than new : Increase healing/repair/opening/cleaning of other survivors (the benefit must be activated first)

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Dead in the daylight Rebecca Chambers Bio

In addition to that, the filter also managed to extract data from the description of the Rebecca Chambers game.

A prodigy child. Rebecca Chambers graduated from the university at age 18. As a rookie police officer, she was the youngest member of the rescue service and special tactics assigned as a field doctor with the Bravo team. Sent by Stars to the Arklay Research Center, her squad investigated a series of spooky murders. While exploring an abandoned train, she discovered unlocked monsters and mutated animals. She escaped an even more horrible place, an old underground installation of the Umbrella corporation full of shocking abominations. Desperate to find the other members of the Bravo team, she followed the incorporeal voices of her towards a black and mysterious fog that seemed to emerge from nothing. While Rebecca made his way through the thick fog, he suddenly heard threatening steps behind her. Instinctively, she looked for her weapon, but her case was empty. Her weapons were g1. When she turned around, she listened to a guttural roar and quickly evaded a huge garrote-shaped weapon. Standing up, she ran towards a blinking light in the dark.

As always, it is worth noting that the previous information is based solely on the leaks and must be taken with tweezers. We will update this section once Behavior Interaction sets the official notes of the Dead By Daylight Project W.

There you have it. That is all you need to know about ** Dead by Daylight By Daylight (DBD), All Hooked On You: Dead by Daylight Dating Sim Characters, and more.

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