Rotation of weapons in Care Package boxes for Apex Legends Season 14 Hunted

Respawn Entertainment has released notes for a patch for Apex Legends Season 14, and fans are glad to see all the changes that will appear in the game. In addition to changing the map, legends and changes in weapons, players are looking forward to new Care Package tools in Apex Legends Hunted. To get this weapon in the game, players need to visit the falling packages of Care Package throughout the map. Here are all the rotations of assistance packages that will appear in the 14th season of APEX Legends.

What weapons were added to APEX Legends in the 14th season?

A box with supplies to the Apex Legends Hunted will now have composite onions of the barrels ,rampant Land machine gun , Krabber.50 Kal. and Mastifa gun *. The composite bow Bocek has undergone several changes in the patch update, and the players will find a fully equipped version in Care Packages packages. The arrows of the arrows were also removed from the booty pool. In the same way, Rampage has received a slight increase in damage damage, and now it inflicts 28 units instead of 26. Rampage will also appear in the Care Package package with a termite grenade. Termites increase the rate of fire of this weapon, and it will be interesting to see how this will affect the meta in the 14th season.

Volt SMG and scout G7 were removed from the Care Package and will now appear as ground prey. These two weapons have a diverse range in their specific classes, which makes them one of the best submachine guns and a sniper rifle. The Volt submachine gun received a decrease in damage, and now it inflicts 15 units instead of 17. The Damage of the G7 intelligence officer was reduced from 36 to 34, and the multiplier of the shot to the head is also reduced from 2.0 to 1.75. Double TAP jump will be available for the G7 intelligence officer in the 14th season of APEX Legends, and its fire detention is increased from 0.375 to 0.4.

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