Smartphone users have to delete 28 apps immediately-download is damaged

You shouldn’t trust the Google Play Store blindly. Especially not when malware is on the road. Smartphone users should now take a close look.

Munich-Apple and Google app stores offer a lot of choice for all areas of life. However, smartphone and tablet users should exercise caution when it comes to downloading a new program. Downloading unknown software can cause damage to mobile devices, as reports.


Trojaner apps in Google Play Store: Millions of downloads in circulation

An evaluation of the security researchers from Doctor Web suggests major problems with Android apps in the Google Play Store. Corresponding incorrect apps would contain and spread a total of around 30 Trojans, but the Google internet giant has now removed the harmful programs from the download offer. This may have happened in the course of hundreds of thousands of applications that were deleted from the App Store a few weeks ago.

However, the programs have been downloaded many millions in Germany alone, which means that a lot of users already had this malware on their smartph1. The specialist portal appeals to the users with the corresponding downloads to delete them immediately from the cell phone (additional service news on Google Play). The following apps are:

In 2021 there were also vertebrae for apps that stole the log-in data from Facebook:

Android apps: Trojans and malware create advertising and delays

What exactly is the problem of the deficiency Android apps? In the background, processes are carried out that affect the processes.

For example, the malware uses the Show via other apps function to present advertising. This in turn slows down the processor, requires longer waiting times and therefore costs time.

Attempts to fraud cannot be ruled out, for example, which can lead to the theft of sensitive data. In order to remain undetected, Trojans hide the symbol of the corresponding app, even exchange it for an inconspicuous coat of arms.

apps from the Google Play Store: Fingers away in unknown applications

The consequence: from a contaminated app becomes an allegedly necessary system app. The investigation illustrates that caution is advised before the installation and that you should take a closer look at what kind of program you download.

The threat should hardly be less in the medium term: It can be assumed that programmers will continue to offer harmful apps in the Google Play Store.

Therefore, the app for which you are interested should at least be checked before download. If the application is rather unknown and the app of dozens of cloning, at least skepticism is required.

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