Darmstadt brushes up Rostock from the square

Tietz ‘hussar item tossed tactical positioning over the heap in the third minute. Kolke had actually put the sphere a bit and also inspected his play alternatives when the demonstrator shocked him from the side.

Phillip Tietz stole the sphere on Saturday evening in the neglectful opposing goalkeeper Markus Kolke at 4-0 (2-0) versus Hansa Rostock as well as pushed into the empty objective for the very early lead. Darmstadt joined nine points from 4 games for 3 other clubs with this interim balance, for Rostock it was the 2nd defeat of the season.


Rostock opportunities stayed unusual: alternative Kevin Schumacher directly the blog post (55th) prior to Tobias Kempe (74.) transformed a charge to the final result.

Darmstadt was able to withdraw a little-and it struck once more with a counterattack: Marvin Mehlem scored the 2-0 (18th), from which Rostock no longer recuperated in front of 14,120 viewers. After a corner kick, Tietz likewise hit 3-0 (54. ).

Darmstadt 98 additionally clears up in the top group of the 2nd Bundesliga thanks to a curious goal.

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