[Preview] A dedication to Michael Jordan, NBA 2K23

Is there a number of 23 hearts for basketball? ’23’ is the player number of Michael Jordan, who commanded the 80s and 90s. If he lists his great performance and events here, it would be less likely to use it for three days and nights. It is very small for those who deny that he was a legendary NBA star.

is a game that worked hard to illuminate Michael Jordan’s dazzling performance. The Jordan Challenge, which follows Michael Jordan’s career in 12 years, has revived, and the gameplay of the NBA also changes with the times. The cover model of the game is also Jordan.

The developer 2K held a media session to reveal information about the game twice. Let’s meet together with Eric Boenisch, vice president of 2K Visual Concept Development and Game Player Mike Wang.

to pursue more realistic basketball

It is a title that focuses on monumental players, and 2K has a lot of improvement in NBA 2K23. First of all, the king of Mike said, The current generation consoles and the next generation consoles have been able to enjoy the same equal fun as possible. can be enjoyed by PS4, Xbox One, PC, as well as PS5 and Xbox X.

This title has a lot of improvement in this title, said Mike King. If the previous work, 2K22, has been improved in the defense, this time, the attack meta was variable. In short, there are more ways to target the goal.

In this work, a gesture combo using a professional stick was added. If you bounce the professional stick in one direction, then turn it back in the same direction, you can send ‘Double Slow’ in the same direction, and if you go in the center, you do a ‘switchback’. If you have a pass and a shot here, you can meet more diverse moving.

Dunk , like its predecessor, is based on a shot meter, but as before, a new system has been introduced so that the player jumps and does not become dunk. Pull the stick down while pressing the running trigger to add a motion that hangs on the goal after the dunk. If you shake the stick, the player will shake.

Lay-up is also divided into various motions. You’ll be able to shoot quickly among the defensive players. Athletes like Yannis Adeto Kunbo, who have great breakthroughs, can make contact layups. In addition, NBA’s past and current famous stars of NBAs such as Devin Booker, Alan Iverson, Magic Johnson and Joel Embid are all in the past and current stars.

How did the dribble change? The attack size up is added to use a lot of left and right movements, and it is also possible to attack the player and attack in the other direction. It is introduced. It is a kind of stamina gauge, and it decreases every time you do difficult movements. Using all of these boosts will noticeably reduce the speed.

Shoot meter contains five versions that were added to the existing title, and the Micherier season can be unlocked by the Micorer Season. Pass is introduced with a current version of the basket pass, and the spot-up (a pass and a shot, a catch and shot) pass mechanism is applied a little faster. King Mike introduced, You can enjoy faster play with your colleagues.

Shall we see defensive & blocking ? Starting with this work, a bar indicator will be added, ordering three areas of straight up, shades left and shade lights. The red line is drawn to the defender’s area, and when the player who owns the ball goes beyond the line, it has been changed to cut off or miss the ball. In blocking, it was hard to see a short player like LeBron James and blocking. It is a strengthening of reality, and even when still, a small kidney player can quickly hit the ball with his hands and remove the opponent’s ball.

From the screen to the jersey, commentary, and play all that is Jordan! Jordan Challenge

Jordan Challenge is a kind of development career mode where you can manipulate Michael Jordan and experience his historical moments. The player can experience a total of 15 moments in the Jordan Challenge, manipulating Jordan from the 1982 NCAA National Championship to the 1998 NBA Finals.

I grew up as an enthusiastic fan of NBA while watching Karim Abduljaba, Magic Johnson, James Wordy in Los Angeles in the 80’s, said Vice President Boenish. The opportunity to introduce the best NBA player ever.

Recently, those who became a fan of NBA had no chance to see Michael Jordan’s performance in real time, so they aimed to be ‘best completion’ to show those days through the game.

The console devices from NBA 2K11 have also been developed in terms of graphics, animations, and storytelling.

2K added five matches in the existing 10 challenge. The Jordan Challenge focused on ‘testament’ of the time, and Boenish said, Once you see the screen you see, the screen filter will be added to the viewing environment of the 80s and 90s. There is also a difference in color and screen ratio on the screen of the 80s and the 90s.

In addition, to reproduce the NBA of the 1980s, all the logos used in the sponsors and stadium sponsors were used. In 1986, Bulls and Celtics’ playoffs challenge was recorded by Mike Prutello, who had been commented at the time, and the voice of the announcer Ray Clay, who introduced Michael Jordan in an energetic voice. All 2K is directly recruited.

The most interesting thing is that the Jordan Challenge rebuilt the NBA’s 80’s and 90’s play meta into games. Boenish said, I have implemented scouts, research, and gameplay for those days. The sport of basketball has changed a lot for 40 years, but it is trying to testify the past from tactical aspects.

Not only this, but also the set of coaches. The NBA 2K23 Jordan Challenge features Jack Ramsey, Hubby Brown, Dick Mota, Lenny Weekins, Phil Jackson, Jerry Slon, and Rick Adelman. Therefore, the player can also see Jordan Rule, a single mark tactical that Pistons was persistently unfolded to prevent Bulls Jordan.

The physical basketball of the 80s and 90s is described in the floor games and paint, Boenish said.

The appearance of the protagonist Michael Jordan changes as time goes by. After Jordan graduated from the university team, he would be able to cut his head and bulk up. The Jordan Challenge faithfully includes Jordan’s legendary Shrug, the 1997 Final Flu (Flu) game, The Shot Over Elo, and Brion Russell to win the last championship.

It’s not the end here. This is the reporter’s most anticipated part. In 15 games, special interviews with NBA celebrities of the time are included.

In 1988, we talk about Michael Jordan, which is a fifteen NBA legend, including Karim Abdulava, the family route of the Chicago All-Star Game, the Akdong Dennis Rodman of ‘Bad Boys’, and the head coach Phil Jackson of the last dance. This mini interview was prepared only for games.

Jordan Challenge has three goals. The player collects ‘Star’ while performing a given mission for each match, and 40 out of 45 stars can be used to use special rewards that can be used in My Team and My Career Mode.

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