Luna Abyss: First Individual

Loss in busy and intensive bullet hell defend Xbox, PlayStation and also PC bizarre planetary creatures.

Today, Bonsai Collective Luna Abyss announces. In the action-oriented action journey from the first-person perspective, you explore a big, worn out swarm inside an uncanny, fabricated moon.

Official description according to Heavy steam:

You are a prisoner who was founded guilty of investigating an abandoned mega framework that is located deep listed below the surface area of the fabricated moon Luna. Your task is to recuperate an innovation that has been neglected from the inside of the Abyss and locate the lost swarm. Each of your actions is checked by an artificial jail attendant named Aylin.

In these centuries-old ruinsDamages ghostly echoes mirrors tell of the secrets tricks the once when city of Greymont and as well as terrible horribleDestiny The voices of the Abyss telephone call for you; They murmur odd messages…

Trailer for the news of Luna Abyss:

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