Buy Mystery Box at Media Markt: This is in technology

Media Markt offers so-called Mystery Boxes. But in the end the box also promises what it pretends?

Dortmund-a miracle bag full of electronics and technology accessories-this is what Media Markt offers in its branches in the form of a Mystery Box. Anyone who buys such a box should get a wide variety of products from MediaMarkt at an overall higher value than the purchase price, reports But what actually promises the electronics wonder bag?

Mystery Box from Media Markt: What promises the electronics wonder bag

This question also arose, for example a user of the social media website Reddit. As a picture of the user shows, the so-called Mystery Boxes for 90 and 150 euros in different sizes are offered in its branch (more digital news at Media Markt).

With his post, the user wanted to find whether someone has already had experience with one of these surprise packages. Another Reddit user recently came out as a secret multimillionaire. Not even his wife knew about his wealth.

Mystery Box at Media Markt: These experiences had customers

Opinions and experience reports in the comments went far apart. On the one hand, some users proudly reported great achievements worth a total of over 400 euros, while they had only spent 40 euros at Media Markt for the box-customers at Media Markt and Saturn will have to do without other discounts. The electronic giants are in the crisis.

For example, a user from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, who found the following in his Mystery Box for this sum: It included a beautiful Huawei Smartwatch, great Bose in-ear headphones, a WLAN repeater, a good one Charger, a CD of a band that I liked, and some garbage (cell phone covers, a smartwatch cover, a cover for a hard drive that I didn’t have, and other stuff that I don’t remember). He was like some others were therefore very satisfied.

Others, on the other hand, strongly advise against buying Media Markt and reports of unnecessary stuff they would have found in their box. A DVB-C receiver, trial packs coffee, three music CDs and some billo headphones. I would never buy it again, reports one of the critics of his 50-euro wound bag.

Mystery Box Buy at Media Markt: Youtuber test actual value of the surprise bag

On YouTube, too, some experts wanted to test the Media Markt offer and find out whether the value of the electrical and technology accessories is actually as high as claimed. A Youtuber named Ronny with the Nerdsheaven channel bought a box for 250 euros in the test. In the end, he had expected a value of over 400 euros.

In addition to two good product one Sony music box and a relatively new car radio, he also finds more outdated things: including several reduced Bluray DVDs, two old MP3 players, a receiver and a portable DVD player.

The products actually resulted in a value of just over 400 euros. The benefit is different, he summarizes in the video in between. Because the DVD player could no longer be found to buy properly due to its age, the MP3 players have long since been overtaken.


Media Markt sells mystery boxes: bargains or flop?

Numerous other videos and experience reports show that the Mystery Box is at the end. Because another YouTuber under the channel name Reselling Freddy was extremely satisfied with the content of a 60 euro box, which he bought in May this year.

PS5 games, Sony headphones and even a Nintendo switch are said to have been in his Mystery Box. In contrast to many other reviews, the content was so valuable and as new that many questioned the authenticity of the video.

Rubric list picture: © Screenshot Reddit @U/Arminvonkink, Müller-Stauffenberg/Imago, Collage: Media Markt

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