Comtuss new work Summers War: Chronicle, Google Play Store sales TOP10

** -Comtus , today (22nd) Google Play Store ranking 10

** -In the first rise in the early rise due to the popularity of the game and the highest sales of Apple with the differentiated content.

-Mobile-PC crossplay also increases user satisfaction… High accessibility and manipulation, visual pleasure prefair

Com2uS ‘new summoned MMORPG (Kronicle) continues to rise by ranking 10 in Google Play Store’s sales.

Chronicle was ranked 10th in Korea’s Google Play Store game sales today. Chronicle, which ranked second in the Apple App Store’s highest sales ranking on the 17th, the next day of Korea’s launch, continues to enter the company’s early success in the Google Play Store.

The one-store sales rankings also rose to sixth place, and the sales ranking top 10 in all app markets where the game is being serviced.

Com2us also allows you to download the game through various app markets and brand pages in Korea and support the mobile-PC crossplay environment so that you can enjoy Chronicle on a variety of channels without the boundaries of the platform. Revenue in one store and PC sector, which is relatively profitable, accounts for about one-third of the total.

Chronicle, which started domestic service on the 16th, is the number one popular game in the Apple App Store since the preliminary download before launch, and on the 19th, the popularity of the popularity in the Google Play Store, and users’ interest in the game Prove.

Differentiated content and excellent gameability have been on the rise since the launch of the app market sales ranking after the launch.

Chronicle is the first MMORPG based on the global game Summers War IP (Intellectual Property Rights), featuring a fun of the strategic team using three summoners and 350 summons. You can collect and nurture the summons with a variety of charms to enjoy the battle with your own combination.

In addition, the infinite screening summons system, which can strengthen the fun of manual play and obtain the desired summons at the beginning of the game, and fairy tale emotional graphics using cartoon rendering techniques have received a good response, which has been successful.

In particular, it supports the mobile-PC crossplay environment to enjoy the game without the platform boundaries, and the user’s high satisfaction is gained by utilizing the sense of operation and visual pleasure.

Comtus has been verified by Chronicle’s game with a new feature called ‘Summoned MMORPG’, which is different from the existing genre.

For more information about Chronicle, you can check the Game Official Forum .

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