Dinosaur Hunting FPS Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt Added a new species Released for a large DLC Cretaceous Fear PC/Console

Digital Dreams Entertainment is a PC CRETACEOUS TERROR PACK of the dinosaur survival FPS Carnivors: Dinosaur Hunt PC (Steam) for PS4/XBOX for Nine Rice Iche for PS4/XBOX for Nine Rice II for PS4/XBOX for Nine Rice II for Nine Rice II Mae’s Fear., The trailer has been released.

This work is a first-person hunting simulator that hunts dinosaurs on the planet FMM UV-32. We will search for vast ecosystems that have various dinosaurs from herbivorous dinosaurs to carnivorous dinosaurs, track them with radar and portable items with GPS functions, and hunt using rifles, sniper rifles, silent crosubos, etc. 。 Dinosaurs respond to visual, hearing, and smell with advanced AI, and each has different reactions and characteristics, so it is important to be carefully hunted down.

The large DLC CRETACEOUS TERRORPACK will add a new Giganoto Saurus, the largest dinosaur on the earth, and a quick karnotaurus, which is a distant relative of T-REX. In addition, large-scale updates are also distributed at the same time as DLC, and various improvements have been made in the Steam version, such as improving dinosaur motor performance, adding tutorials, and causing blood stains to remain when injured. Each console version adds a spawn function in addition to improving user interfaces, in-game economy, and progress systems. Click here for details.

The dinosaur hunting FPS CARNIVORES: DINOSAUR HUNT, a large DLC CRETACEOUS TERROR PACK, is being distributed for PC (Steam)/overseas PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch. This DLC can be downloaded free of charge only for users who have purchased Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Reborn on Steam.

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