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Hippos are these enemies who are stronger and more powerful than ordinary mobs that you face Tower of Fantasy.

These creatures similar to trolls use their overgrown hands to clap on the ground when they are threatened. They also like to use the entire weight of their body to crush their opponents.

Hippo is a difficult battle in Tower of Fantasy. You must bring a weapon based on an element of fire, because it is their only weakness. Hippos are especially resistant to physical damage.

The murder of a hippo for the first time opens an achievement. You will also need to kill hippos to get the chance to get the right hand of Omnium Beast Right Arm, a very rare item in the game for the Omnium Beast VII car.

If it is difficult for you to find hippos in Tower of Fantasy, the next leadership will show you where to go.

where to find hippos in Tower of Fantasy

You can find three hippos in three different places of the game. Please note that the creature does not have a daily limit. Therefore, you can always find and fight with them in all three places.

  • Hippo Surtur

* Hippo Bergelmir
* Hippo MIMIM

Hippo Surtur can be found south of the shelter in the Bangees area. Follow along the coastline south until you reach a narrow cliff. There will be a small hut indicating that you have reached the right place. Surtur will be near the same hut.

Hippo Bergelmir is also located in the Bangies area, not far from the farms and west of the crown mines. Follow the eastern border of Banges across the mountains, as shown on the map below. Bergelmir will wander here along one of the mountains.

Hippo MIMIM is located in the Naviya area. Go to the seventh-day forest and find Mihir next to the ruins. You can set a straight line from the Targus mountain below to the ruins in the north. Now just search this path in the north, and you will find MiMir.

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