How to quickly make money in Soul Hackers 2

As in any other role-playing game, Soul Hackers 2 has special improvements, objects, demons, etc., which can be bought for money. The more money, the better the improvements and items that are available to you that will make your gameplay more smooth and light. Several methods with which you can earn money faster are described in the next article.

How to make money in Soul Hackers 2

In the dungeons of Soul Hackers 2 there are many enemies, demons, puzzles and much more, which provides the best impressions of the gameplay. Players can easily earn money by exploring these dungeons and fighting hired demons or enemies.

Exploring new areas in the game, you can send your demons for reconnaissance, and there is always a chance to find money along with other objects without spending anything. Those who have more contracted demons, in this case, are more likely to find money and valuable items.

In addition, you can find some demons by exploring new areas that are ready to negotiate or join your group, so be sure to interact with each of them, since they also sometimes offer money.


In the dungeons you will find all kinds of enemies and demons, and victory over them will reward you with money-the stronger the enemy, the better the reward. However, the most valuable of all are rare enemies (having a yellowish tint). The victory over these enemies rewards you with many other valuable items, as well as money that can be sold in different stores for extra money.

Moreover, as soon as you finish with the dungeon, all your awards and rewards can be sold to different stores to earn extra money. Such items include consumables, accessories and food, everything can be sold.

In addition to the main quests, side quests are also an effective way of quick earnings in Soul Hackers 2. Side quests in the game are requests from local residents, which include the search for lost or stolen objects and other small missions similar to this.

These requests can be found in Club Cretaceous, to which you will ultimately get access as the game passes. Try not to miss any of these side quests for which you can get cash as a reward.

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