The PS5 new controller DualSense Edge bundled item is released. Custom parts containing various things, and the descriptions you care about

Sony Interactive Entertainment has released an English version of the new controller DualSense Edge . Among them, the bundled items attached to the product are also released. It seems that various parts will come with as much as you improve your customizability.

DualSense Edge is a new controller that greatly improves the customizability while keeping the basic functions of DualSense for PS5. Functions such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers are still available. On the other hand, the users can adjust the functions according to themselves by physically replacing each part or changing the input sensitivity and button mapping.


The English version of the DualSense Edge official product page released this time reveals the features that have already been announced and the included items. First of all, the features that have been revealed so far include the back button that can be freely applied, and the slider that can be used for FN buttons and trigger adjustments. For sticks, in addition to adjusting sensitivity and dead zone (range until the stick input is recognized in the game), the stick module itself can be physically replaced independently. In addition, you can change the button mapping and adjust the trigger travel distance/dead z1. It seems that you can change the setting profile quickly using the FN button at the stick base.

And as a bundled product, three types of stick caps are included. According to the name, the height of the advanced dome is different. In addition to the standard that appears to be the height of DualSense, there is a tall high-dome and a low-dome with a lower height, and it seems to be able to change to the height according to your taste.

As for the back buttons, two types, a half-dome type and a lever type are included. As for the half-dome, as the name implies, it is a semicircular shape like cut rice crackers in half. On the other hand, the lever has a more hooked finger and seems to be easy to hold. Since the back button is freely assigned to which button operations to be assigned to, if you assign a button to keep it, you can use a lever, such as using a lever. This can also be changed on the left and right independently, so the left is a lever and a half-dome on the right will be possible.

In addition to a USB braid cable for connection, the connector housing that inserts the cable is described as an independent bundled part. Poor contact with USB disciplines is also a problem of controller that is often encountered. I would be grateful if this could be replaced. It also comes with a carrying case, which seems to be designed to be charged with the controller stored.

In addition, this information is for overseas. Please note that it is unknown whether similar bundled items will be included for Japan. I want to wait for new information disclosure, including price and further functional details.

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