The basic play free game should have been playing, but he became familiar with warships. Until a beginner is addicted to World of Warships: LEGENDS until he encounters Musashi

WORLD OF WARSHIPS: LEGENDS (hereinafter, Wows: Legends) is a basic free naval game online game distributed to PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. In this work, a large update was implemented on August 29, and the battleship Musashi was implemented. She is a sister ship of the famous Yamato of Musashi. World of Warships for PCs and World of Warships Blitz for PCs are implemented as premium ships but are currently difficult to obtain, half phantom. It is a special ship that embodies the great ship gun.

At the milestone of Musashi implementation, I received a test play opportunity to experience the ship from Wargaming. However, I am a beginner of this work. So, first of all, I planned to prepare for this work, and then tested the charm of Musashi safely in the test. In conclusion, Musashi was amazing anyway, even for beginners who were fascinated by their touch. So, I would like to tell you how the inexperienced person was immersed in this work in a blink of an eye.

WOWS: LEGENDS is a multi-player online game in which players are fighting warships and fighting into up to nine teams each. Up to 18 people are confused and can play a fleet battle. Match rules include a normal battle aiming for occupation of enemy areas or annihilation of enemies, and control warfare, which collects the necessary points for enemy shipments and base occupation in various places. In my play, I have confirmed the feel of premium ships such as Musashi in the so-called practice mode that fights AI.

For the time being, from the real specifications, Musashi

First of all, I would like to introduce Musashi, the highlight of this update. Musashi, which was built as the Yamato type second ship, is the world’s largest battleship at the beginning of the construction, along with Yamato. It is the ultimate in the world of great ships that Japan boasted worldly, with nine giant guns with a diameter of 46 cm. Although there are various data on the specifications of the gun, it is alleged that it has the power to shoot out the armor plate of about 40 cm thick from a distance of 30 km away from 30 km away (Navweaps).

Her appearance is faithfully reproduced in this work, and is a romantic battleship with the strongest gun worthy of a huge hull. She is a battleship that she is overwhelmed and longs for her, even though she is not familiar with the ship, but she is overwhelmed by seeing her brave and heavy appearance.

Aiming for Musashi, beginners play WOWS: LEGENDS. I’m addicted to it soon

Nevertheless, for beginners, I felt that riding a high Tier Musashi suddenly had a high hurdle. If the ship’s Tier increases, the performance will be basically improved. Also, the possibility of matching with relatively skilled players increases. Therefore, the author of a certain anthropomorphic warship fan first decided to touch so-called push ships and relatively well-renowned ships in battle in AI and low Tier, even for beginners. Then, as a main dish, it is a dimension to enjoy the charm of Musashi.

At the beginning, I jumped into the world of WOWS: LEGENDS in my normal account. As a writer, I really want to use Japanese ships that I can think of in the first ship that I can choose. So, of course, the choice here is Chikuma, a cruiser that is the entrance to the Japanese ship.

Nice to meet you, the cruiser Chikuma

A cruiser is a well-balanced ship with stable firepower and mobility. Although it is one step away on battleships and destroyers specializing in each, they can be flexibly flourished. Among them, Chikuma has a history of built under the plan to organize high-speed fleets, and seems to be implemented as a certain mobility in the game. If you actually move it, you will see a good response ship that will respond immediately to the left and right rudder. Compared to other ships, I felt that it was a very good child, who would follow me obediently for beginners.

Chikuma has a perfect firepower, and her beginners can fully enjoy the fun of sinking enemy ships. Anyway, the fun of this game WOWS: LEGENDS is the exhilaration of sinking an enemy ship. When you look at the enemies sinking with flashy splashes, you will want to do guts poses unintentionally.

Depending on the other ships, multiple attacks must be performed in parallel, such as torpedoes and airplanes, but Chikuma does not. So you can concentrate on shooting the enemy and attacking the enemy anyway. In addition, compared to the competitive shooter for humanoid characters, etc., the Mato of this work is easier to aim. The enemy of this game is a ship, which depends on the distance, but the target itself is large. And the movement of Mato is more loose than aiming for a walking person. The target lock-on function is also useful according to the situation. Therefore, even if you are unfamiliar with beginners and shooters, it is not difficult to hit the shell if you aim and shoot well, and there is a chance to be active even for just a first-time player. The operation method was not so complicated, so I was able to enjoy it even if I was not good at aiming quickly.

Peaky destroyer Shima-style

After gaining some experience with an account, I had the opportunity to borrow a test account. The first thing to operate is the destroyer Island style. The island style is a ship called a special ship, and can be obtained by clearing special missions in the game.

Destroyers are a type of ship that supports allies by making use of small turns. That doesn’t mean that the firepower is low, especially Japanese destroyers also have excellent torpedo attacks. The historical island style has an episode of rescue the sinked Musashi crew, and is a ship with a connection with Musashi, the main character.

The selling of the island-style would be the power of torpedo attacks. It is extremely difficult to save this due to the large number of torpedoes firing and the high propulsion speed after launch. Instead, the range is short, so you have to shoot after getting closer. It can be said that it is a close combat fighter with a very powerful type. The mobility and hidden power (difficulty in discovering from the enemy) are high, so they sneak up to the opponent to the last minute and fired torpedoes. It seems good to disturb enemies with a ninja-like way to leave before a counterattack.

My push ship Ryujo

Then, as a ship that I personally thought of, I touched the aircraft carrier called Ryujo. An aircraft carrier is a ship that runs an airplane from the hull to attack and scout. Ryujo has been working like a tsugihagi after the hull was completed due to various reasons in history, and became a ship with a unique silhouette.

One of the most distinctive ones is a two-story hangar that has been made later. As a result, the balance of the hull was very poor, and the overturn was in danger of overturning, and the part that came out of the sea water surface was very low, and the waves became a problem. There is no shortage. However, it is also true that children with habit are cute. It is my great pushing ship.

The height of Ryujo’s draft is reproduced in the game, and the appearance from behind makes it easier to understand. It is also convinced that the end of the tail is particularly low, and the wavy splash is applied. In addition, the reverse triangle silhouette, which spreads out, has caused the poor balance mentioned above. However, this ridiculous figure would be the charm of Ryujo.

Wows: Legends can control the mounted airplane as well as ships. If you choose an aircraft carrier, the main means of attacking is to approach the enemy on a ship-based aircraft and drop a bomb or torpedo. It feels difficult for beginners to hit, but the joy of hitting is great. If there is any problem, I guess I can’t see Ryujo at all while I control the plane. However, it is not bad to repeat the action of attacking and returning to Ryujo. You can enjoy the joy of seeing the pushing ship many times.

Finally, the battleship Musashi

By the way, thanks to the ships I have mentioned so far, I was able to get used to the battle of this work. That’s why I decided to get on the Musashi, which is a big bird. The overwhelming weight and scale size can be seen just by looking at the floating in the sea without fighting.

Battleships are a type of ship that features powerful attacks and thick armor. Because of the long range, it will be the attack of the allies team. Compared to the cruisers and destroyers I mentioned so far, it seems that the rudder is still harder, but the firepower and armor that are likely to cancel the drawbacks. Overconnection is forbidden because of the weak torpedo, but if you attach an appropriate angle, you can continue to fire from here without any enemy attacks.

The power of the sound when shooting the main gun is extraordinary. It seems that the vibration that is numb and the sound itself has the size of the shaking. The giant gun takes a long time to turn it, so let’s look at the enemy and shoot with Dokan. If you look at the enemy’s physical strength at once, even beginners like me get addicted.

In addition, as in the development of World of Warships for PC and WORLD OF WARSHIPS BLITZ for mobile, WOWS: LEGENDS has a limited period of Musashi. If you want to ride, you should start WOWS: LEGENDS right now. Musashi has a relatively high Tier and is also important as a team force. The beginner’s writer is still touching Musashi in the AI battle ahead of an interpersonal game. However, one day I want to sound the gun in an interpersonal game. Musashi is a ship that gives such a longing.

The charm of the sea battle that feels the feeling of the ship

Speaking of games that used the ships I have played so far, the anthropomorphic work of the ship was mainly. On the other hand, WOWS: LEGENDS is a game reproduced with a 3D graphic based on actual ships. Of course, there is no humanoid character. However, when playing this work, the personality of the ships can be mysteriously visible as a kind of personality and character. For example, I described Chikuma, which I introduced first, as a good child who will follow the beginner’s messy steering steering, but the cock made of that iron in Chikuma is somewhat amazed. I felt like I was doing it.

You may think, What about weapons, but in Japan, there’s also a way of thinking of Tsukumogami. The idea is that if you keep using it for any thing, the soul will dwell, but it seems that the things that you continue to use will gradually see your expression. Of course, this is only the human psychology of the viewer, because the object itself does not change. However, it seems that it is happy to be carefully treated, and it seems that it is poor if you use it roughly. If your favorite ship is sunk in your play mistake, you’ll even feel sorry for the ship. When you leave, you will feel like you will do your best together. If you think it’s true, please play WOWS: LEGENDS once. You will surely find your favorite ship.

I have played with various Japanese ships so far, but some of the ships have only heard the name. Many Japanese ships are derived from mountains and rivers in the country, and may be the names you often see in your local area. If you think so, you can feel something close. It’s a good idea to start with such a close ship. The tendency of performance is that Japanese ships are mobility and many beginners are easy to handle. Depending on the ship, the defense surface is a bit weak and weak, but when the disadvantageous situation is cut off with a partner’s ship, the attachment to Japanese ships must have increased.

A variety of charms such as surprising collaboration

The charm of the WOWS: LEGENDS ship is not only realistic reproduction. It is actively collaborating with works of a wide genre, and many unique ships and captains are implemented. In the past, collaboration with Transformers, Azur Lane, Blue Steel Arpeggio, etc., and some ship skins that imagined the character and the characters themselves appeared as Admiral. In addition, there are ships that have been built and design drawings as historical facts, but have not been able to achieve it. Such ships are also based on historical materials, and are also ships with the originality of WOWS: Legends, so be sure to play the game and check them out.

In the above-mentioned Transformers collaboration, the third event has been announced from September 1st. This time, there are no new additions such as characters and camouflage, and the first and second collaboration items will be resold. On the other hand, collaboration camouflage implemented in the past seems to appear newly for high Tier and legendary ships. Also, this time, the Transformers characters will also appear in the game as a collaboration camouflage for ships that imagine the character as Captain Captain. Bumblebee, hot rod, lamble, and optimus prime from the Autobot camp. Megatron, Grimlock, Sound Wave, and Star Scream will appear from the Decepton camp. Collaboration items can be obtained by using dabron in the in-game store and purchasing.

in conclusion

Up to this point, we have delivered the charm that the beginner’s writer felt on the Japanese ships and the fun of WOWS: LEGENDS. However, you may find the charm that I did not notice in the seas. You may encounter your own recommendation ship. Let’s row into the ocean, with various expectations in my heart.

WORLD OF WARSHIPS: LEGENDS is being distributed for PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. Musashi can be obtained as the final reward by clearing all the milestones of the campaign Bushido. In order to receive the final reward, it is necessary to obtain maritime support (battle pass) in the in-game currency Dabron. However, even if you do not obtain maritime support, you can receive various mission clear rewards as the campaign progresses, and you can consume Dabron and get Musashi at once. Please note that the campaign period is limited to about 5 weeks.

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