The best stray mods for installation

Wandering mods are used to change the entire gameplay on a PC. The entire community is busy developing additional mods to improve user experience and make the game more interesting. In this leadership, we will consider some of the best stray mods that players can immediately install and enjoy.

How to install mods in Stray

Installation of mods in Stray is similar to any other game you play. Firstly, you will need to download the desired mod with Nexusmods, and you can start the installation process.

After you downloaded the mod after creating the account on Nexusmods, you have two options for its installation. Firstly, you can use Vortex, the Mod Manager from Nexusmods.

Secondly, you can perform manual download and extract files into the desired folder. The Stray mod folder is in the following place on your PC.


After extracting mods of mods, manually reboot the computer, and the mod will be ready for use.

Best Fashion in Stray

Below are some of the best mods of Stray that you can install on your computer.

Xi Jay Mod

This mod will replace your cat with a CJ character from GTA. However, it looks a little strange, as the character has the shape of a cat. You may not like to play the whole game like that, but if you want to have fun, you can try.

Mod from the first person

The first-person mod is for you if you want to feel how the cat sees. This mod will give you a clear cat’s look in Stray. You can install this mod by loading it from the Nexusmods website.

Happy puppy

Happy Puppy is another mod that you can download with Nexusmods. Using this mod allows you to play for a cute meowing puppy. This mod for those who love puppies more than cats. You can install this mod in the same way as any other Stray mod.

Maud for glasses

If you want your cat to look smarter in Stray, you can use this mod. This mod provides you with glasses for your cat, which you can use with mod color. Points on the cat will give him a more intelligent look, but it depends on whether you like it or not.

Garfield Mod

This mod will turn your usual orange cat into Garfield. This is a beautiful cat, which, as you know, is lazy, but in a tramp; This saves the world, remaining very active. It may also seem a little funny, but most players like it.

Modifications for Castomization of Cats

To configure your Cat in Stray, you get two amazing mods. The first is available with the name Cat Customization on the Nexusmods website, and the second with the Stray Cat Texture PSD steps.

These mods will allow you to change the color of your cat’s eye and fur and provide you with templates. The templates will give different textures for the body, mustache, eyes, hair in the ears, heads and fur. You can also edit these templates if you want to make some changes.

simple realistic 3D mod

Stray is a beautiful game, but this mod will make it even better. This will improve the general effects of the game, such as lighting, shading and post-cutting to make it more realistic. This mod is so good that you will not like to play Stray without it.

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