PQUBE: Designer not paid? Significant claims against the publisher

A few days ago, the indonesia-born indie studio Mojiken spoke out and accused the British publisher Pqube of swiping funding from a diversity fund.

According to the designers of Corecell, Pqube is claimed to have ensured the workshop a minimum repayment that was due after the deal with Aeternoblade II has actually been successfully completed.

While Pqube did not intend to talk about this scenario, the Thai studio Corecell said much more developers. Thoroughly, this has to do with the Action-RPG puzzle Aeternoblade II released in 2019 for PlayStation 4, the Xbox One as well as the Switch, which was sold by PquBe in Europe.

publishing deal was canceled in 2020

Just after Corecell turned to Sony Interactive and Nintendo, Aeternoblade II was gotten rid of from the European Playstation Store or the neighborhood eShop. The previous three years have been a tough time for us, said the Thai studio.

Since the sum total and also designed benefit payments were never ever paid out, Corecell chose in 2020 to introduce the posting contract with PquB. PquBe is likewise charged that the company Aeternoblade II in Europe remained to offer and confine all profits from the sales.

Considering that we authorized a publishing contract with Pqube, we have had a tough time recouping. Currently it’s time to bring the truth to light. Hopefully this will assist other indie game designers to prevent what took place to us and to notify our fans about our scenario.

Further records on the subject :

According to Corecell, Pqube provided the workshop to return the posting rights to Aeternoblade II. Only if it is prepared to keep this matter key. We understood that something was incorrect, yet as a small independent developer, we can not afford to pay legal charges in order to respond to the instance in an additional country, wrapped up Corecell.

According to Corecell, Pqube provided the workshop to return the publishing legal rights to Aeternoblade II. We recognized that something was incorrect, but as a tiny independent designer, we could not pay for to pay lawful costs in order to respond to the situation in one more nation, ended Corecell.

Further records on Aeternoblade II, Pqube.

Since we authorized a publishing agreement with Pqube, we have had a hard time recuperating. Ideally this will help other indie game developers to prevent what happened to us and to inform our fans about our circumstance.
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A main declaration for the claims is still pending.

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