Barchs STG Bark Monday Steam version to September 12th distribution. Transplanted from a smartphone that is welcome to beginners who strengthen your own aircraft and challenge the stage

Masayuki ito in Japan announced on September 5 that the Steam version will be released on September 5 on September 5. The price is 1200 yen including tax. It will be a portable version of the work released for smartphones in 2016.

Ball Monday is a vertical scroll barrage STG that is equipped with a stage selection game mode and claims to welcome beginners. In this work, when the game starts, an enemy appears on the screen and attacks the player. Players will be hit by enemy attacks, so they will avoid attacks by moving. The goal is to clear the stage by defeating the enemy by hitting the enemy and using the strong attacks and bullets by bomb. Up to this point, it is an orthodox STG system itself.

However, in the chapter mode of this work, it has a stage selection system and a strengthening system of the own aircraft. In chapter mode, the player selects the stage to challenge at the start of the game and captures a short configuration stage. Missions are prepared on each stage, and when the mission points are reached constant, such as clearing with no mistakes and achieving the enemy defeat rate, the next stage is released. By achieving the mission, you can also acquire points to be used to strengthen your own aircraft, and repeat the permanent strengthening of your own aircraft and NBA 2K the challenge of a short stage. The STG system will be a game that is easy for beginners to play due to the stage selection system, the simplicity of play per stage, and the strengthening of their own aircraft.

On the other hand, this work also has a game mode for STG players. In the challenge mode, we challenge a long stage that connects the chapter mode stage. It is said that there is no mission or permanent strengthening, and a full-fledged arcade-style barrage STG will be developed at four levels of difficulty. In the smartphone version, the challenge mode was able to play if the chapter mode was advanced to some extent. In another endless mode, the game starts in the remaining machine 1 and aims for long-term survival. The game continues until the aircraft is done, and the more difficult it survives, the more difficult it is. It is a mode that competes for how far the barrage can withstand.

This work is developing by Masayuki ITO, a domestic game developer in Japan. As for the past work, STG has been released for smartphones, such as the DECLUSTER and Balloon Monday series. According to a press release, the Balancing Monday has exceeded 1 million downloads.

This work Bulletin Monday Steam version will be a transplant version of Bullet Monday, which has been distributed for smartphones since 2016. The original Bark Monday was a tap operation, but the Steam version supports pads and keyboard operations. Mouse operation is also possible, and the mouse can play in a sense similar to the smartphone version operation. According to Masayuki ITO’s tweet, the Steam version of the Bulletin Monday seems to be developed based on the Graphic of the Ballch Monday.

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