PayPal affected by fraud stitches: Always check the messages carefully

PayPal is a widespread payment platform. For this reason, fraudsters do not stop and try to get money.


Belinda e-mail inbox can be quite unmistakable. There are often fake messages between spam and advertising. The PayPal payment platform is also affected. Fake invoices or payment requests should not be met. The Watch list Internet consumer protection portal warns of this.

PayPal affected by fraud mesh: Check transactions first

Those affected should never click on links in the messages, but should ignore and delete the fake messages. If you are very unsure whether the respective message could not come from PayPal, you should simply log in to the payment service and check whether transactions have taken place or there are bills.

To make blind payments, on the other hand, only plays into the hands of the fraudsters. Some of them also try to put their victims under pressure with fictitious 24 or 48-hour periods (more about digital at ).

Links in the emails are mostly classic phishing: registration data and other sensitive information should be elicited. But there is also the risk of getting malware on the computer on such links. DPA

Rubric list picture: © Sebastian Manner/DPA/Dalton

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