How to make a super -jump in Splatoon 3

Your main goal in Platoon 3 is to apply ink and cover the lawn with the color of your command. There are other goals, such as taking points, spraying opponents and much more. Regardless of this, you want to make sure that you are in action or playing a target. A great way to do this is to make a super-jumping on the map. This can make you ask how to use a super-skip in Platoon 3.

How to perform a super-skil in Platoon 3


To perform a super-skil, click X to open a card either when reviving, or at any moment in the match. Use cross to quickly move between your allies, or use left joystick t o select 1. Then click the button A. Instead you can cancel the super-jumping, pressing X and closing the card.

Your character will turn into squid and prepare for a jump. After a few seconds, you will jump into the air and land plots where your ally was when you chose a super jump to them. This is incredibly useful for a quick return to action or helping a teammate who needs support.

It should be noted that Super Jumping takes a lot of time and posts a signal where you land. This leaves you open for the attack and for the Irish for being sprayed if you are a super-skil too close to the enemy or into battle. Therefore, make sure that you are safe and landed in a safe place before confirming your super-skil.

To obtain additional information about Platoon 3, check out the sections How to use Squid Roll in Platoon 3 and Squid Surge in Platoon 3 in the game manuals for professionals.

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