[Return to the series] Open World ACT Mafia, which celebrated its 20th anniversary, is under development! Review the works so far and think about the new Mafia

The 2K revealed in an interview with the developer of the 20th anniversary of the series that the latest work of the open world action series Mafia (mafia) is under development.

The Mafia series is a climb action set in a fictitious American city from the 1930s to the 60s. It is a series full of charms that can be said to be unique to this work, such as a solid story development, an attractive character, and a commitment to reproduction of thorough streets and accessories.

In August 2002, the first series Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven was released, and the series has been released in the series. In 2020, the series remake and remastered work appeared, and the set Mafia Trilogy Pack has been released.

In this article, we will look back on the Mafia series, which has been released so far. We will also anticipate the era and stage settings in the latest work.

Everything has a back face-1 Mafia

Series 1 Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven will be released on August 28, 2002, for PCs. Later, it was released for PS2 and Xbox, and the Japanese PC version was also released by Zoo. The Illusion Soft works, which is based in the Czech Republic, (changed to 2K Czech in 2008).

The background of this work is the period of the ban on the 1930s. Set in a fictitious city Lost Heaven in the United States, the protagonist Tommy Angelo, a taxi driver, was involved in a conflict between the mafia, and eventually became a mafia in the organization as a Saltier Family mafia. The story that appears is drawn.

We are thoroughly focusing on the atmosphere of the times, such as the design and behavior of more than 60 types of classic cars, as well as the creation of a city that was elaborately built based on the materials at the time. It is also worth paying the end of Tommy, who will eventually become a mafia after missions such as recording, car chase, and robbery, will eventually choose after conflict.

On September 25, 2020, the Mafia Complete Edition, which completely remakes this work, was released. In addition to the beautiful graphics, you can enjoy the story of Tommy, which is slightly different from the original, depending on the newly expanded story. Characters such as Tommy’s important buddy Pauli and Sam are also attractive.

By the way, all have back faces , which is also attached to the title of this article, is also an official catchphrase of the manufacturer. Mafia is a work that has a large different position of the hero in each series. As a series fan, I feel that it is a wonderful expression that expresses its characteristics in one word.

When all hopes are cut off-2nd work Mafia II

The 2nd series series Mafia II ** will be released on August 23, 2010, for PC/PS3/Xbox 360. In October 2010, the Japanese version was released for PS3/Xbox 360, and in March 2011 for PCs.

The second stage is Empire Bay, a fictional city in the 1940s and 1950s. The protagonist Vito Sparta is an Italian immigrant family and is a man who has experience in World War II. After returning to his home, he will follow his best friend Joe to return his father, Joe, to work on the mafia while working on theft and robbery.

This work appeared after eight years since the previous work. The commitment of cityscape and vehicles is more beautiful and more elaborate by Illusion Engine. In addition, It is based on various cultural backgrounds and the atmosphere of this work, such as the treatment of the Italian immigrants at the time and the feud of Ireland immigrants.

Joe, which is also listed as a favorite character of the development team in the 20th anniversary interview in the series, is a very attractive person. The combination with It, which is somewhat friendly in the second piece, is one of the highlights of this work. In addition, the main character Tommy of the previous work Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven also appeared in this work. I want you to see what kind of role you are.

On May 20, 2020, the original remastered version of the Mafia II Complete Edition was released. In addition to the power up of graphics and audio, it is a set of DLC released so far.

And when you lose everything-3rd work Mafia III

Series 3rd work Mafia III will be released on October 27, 2016, for PC/PS4/Xbox One. Hangar 13 was developed, and I am also in charge of Complete Edition including this work. On May 20, 2020, it became Definitive Edition and all LCS were recorded.

The stage of this work was in 1968. The main character is Lincoln Clay, a black and white half, New Bordeaux, a fictitious city of the United States. After returning from the Vietnam War, Clay forms a new mafia family to revenge on his mafia who killed his family and friends.

Until now, the two Mafia series so far could be moved around the city to some extent, but basically it was a work that followed the main story. In Mafia III, the clay itself is the boss of the mafia, and because of the story of revenge to the enemy mafia, the order and method of capturing his goal’s territory (to some extent). You can choose freely.

In addition, as the story is advanced, the number of collaborators to the family will increase, and the assignment of the dominated area may be decided. Depending on the results, it is also attractive to the ruthless development and the ending. And in this work, the characters of the previous work, including It, will appear.

Of course, the depiction of the era and cultural background, which can be said to be the characteristic of the series, is also well finished. Especially in 1968, the era settings are relatively new, and music that even those who do not know Western music and the rock at the time may hear are used as BGM.

Where is the stage of the latest series?

The latest work in the series revealed in the 20th anniversary interview in the series. In the interview, it is said that the release is a few years ahead, and at this time we cannot report anymore, and there is no information at all, but what is worrisome is the stage background of the new project **. 。

Until now, the Mafia series has depicted the story from the 1930s to the 1960s. Each series is an independent story, but it draws connections with characters and small news. For this reason, this new project, which has been clearly declared as the latest in the series in the interview, is probably a work that connects the world view.

According to an article published by overseas media Kodak in 2017, the fourth series was set in the Las Vegas of the 1970s, but it was later discontinued. The history of Las Vegas, one of the world’s best entertainment, has an indispensable mafia, Benjamin Siegel, Baggie.

Baggies were active in Las Vegas in the 1940s. She opened in 1946 with a heart-blooded construction of the hotel’s Flamingo Las Vegas, which still exists in Las Vegas. However, Baggie took the killer’s hand in 1947 the following year, and she ended her life.

The casino was later in succeeding the New York Mafia to make a great profit, and had become a big mafia stall on the 1960s, until businessman Howard Hughes turned to Las Vegas. It is unknown whether the project currently being developed is a model for Las Vegas, but considering the background of the times and the close time of Mafia III, it cannot be thrown away.

Of course, the setting of the new era may come to the present age. It is said that the power has fallen in modern times, but the Mafia is still active, and in 2019, one of the five major Mafia of New York was killed. Mafia III adopts a method that looks back as a modern documentary program, so as a rule that features the previous series of series in the series, it can be said that the stage candidate is the stage candidate up to modern. By the way, Mafia III is a multi-ending, and the end of the clay at the end of the story changes drastically.

Personally, I would like to see the story of the era when characters in the early series appear.


The Mafia series, which celebrates the 20th anniversary of the series, has finally announced a new project. Keep an eye on future information.

Mafia Trilogy Pack, which contains a remake and remastered version, is on sale for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store)/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One. Each can be purchased by itself. In addition, Steam can purchase the first original version of the series, and you can get the original version by purchasing Mafia II Complete Edition.

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