How to get bronze, silver and gold fish scales in Splatoon 3

Salmon Run returned to Platoon 3 along with new cosmetics, which can be purchased for Fish Scales. There are three types of scales, but how to get a bronze, silver and goldfish scales in Platoon 3?

where to find the scales in Platoon 3

To get a fish in Platoon 3, you need to play Salmon Run and damage the TEAWARE KING Salmon id damage when it accidentally appears at the end of the third wave. The rarity of the scales depends on your danger level, which is the sum of the rating of all four players. The higher the level, the greater the chance to get a more rare fish, silver and gold. However, even at lower levels of danger, you still have a chance to get scales of goldfish.


When King Salon id appears, you have 100 seconds to defeat this giant boss and at the same time defeat the hordes of other bosses and salmon trying to kill you. The best way to inflict damage to the royal salmon is to shoot with gold eggs received during the murder of ordinary bosses. But even if you cannot defeat the royal salmon, you can still get a fish scales only for damage.

There is no certain way of propagation of royal salmon. This is purely by accident. You have a royal salmon sensor on the right side of the screen in Rizzo. However, after it is filled once, there is no guarantee that it will be filled with each shift won.

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How to increase the hazard level in Salmon Run in Platoon 3

To increase your danger level in Salmon Run, you must increase your work rating in Platoon 3. This can be done by completing a shift in Salmon Run. Complete all three waves sequentially on each task, and your rank will ultimately increase. However, if you lose the match, that is, all the players will die, or you will not collect enough gold eggs, you will lose part of your working glasses.

The level of danger is based on the sum of the rating of the posts of all four players. Therefore, if you have a higher service rating, but you play with friends with a lower rating, your danger level will decrease. But this level will increase if all four players are equal, or you have higher positions.

In fact, continue to play Salmon Run; If you do not lose, your rank will increase, like your danger level.

Why is fishing fish in Platoon 3 used?

Fish scales are used to buy work costumes, jewelry, stickers and banners in the terminals of Check Rewards in Grizzly. As soon as you earn scales, go to the terminal on the right, where you will begin the change of Salmon Run and interact with the terminal. Here you can check what things you can buy at your workplace. As you increase your rank, the cosmetics that you can get will increase.

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