Valorant Champions: At night and with the casters at home, a Killjoy bug caused a historical remake

A more than controversial decision in the Valorant Champions. With 11-12 on the scoreboard, and playing the retake FIX, the Killjoy turret shoots up, although there is no player there. This bug, which has been practically since the controller is in the game, so for many it had no importance in the future of the round.


However, hours later, Riot determined the following: In the final round of the game, there was a bug caused by the Killjoy turret that shot in the opposite direction . This resulted in false information, That directly affected the Set player, looking in the opposite direction, having an important impact for Set to lose the round and the game . The final round will be played again.

A remake more than controversy

The criticism of both the statement and the clips in which the reason for the pause was more than notorious, and more knowing that Killjoy has been for a long time in Valorant . This can create a precedent, which for some can be negative, so Riot Games will have to be firm and prevent them from being able to go out of hand

Without eating or drinking it, Set was involved in the controversy again , since on the previous day he suffered the pauses and disconnections of a PC of Optic in the semifinals of the upper bracket.

The LVP casters were at home

The situation was such that the entire LVP team was already in their homes resting and thinking about the final matches. Despite not being in the studies, Lies plugged directly to react at the end of the series.

And we say react, because they could not put the images live, since he, as a content creator, did not have the rights by Riot to broadcast the party. Finally, FIX, after several extensions, achieved the 16-14 victory.

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