1. FC Köln | After trouble before Nice

After the riots prior to the video game of 1. FC Cologne at the NGC Pizza, an initial follower in the southerly French city has to address in court.


The public prosecutor said that the Frenchman, that harmed himself from the stands in the arena in the autumn of the stands in the arena, was implicated of physical violence, making use of pyrotechnics and the throwing of dangerous objects.

An overall of 32 people were hurt on September 8th week, consisting of 2 law enforcement agents and also one folder, in disputes before the video game kick-off. Prefecture had actually introduced that they would establish those accountable. Fans of Paris Saint-Germain are also said to have been included in the clashes. The French champ had actually founded guilty the occurrences.

The man from the Paris area threatens as much as three years in jail as well as 45,000 euros. In an interrogation, the implicated did not talk about his habits or the concern, which is why he had taken a trip to the game between Nice as well as Perfume in the Europa Seminar Organization.

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