GunGrave G.O.R.E. Trigger Happy! Send the enemy to the graveyard with the coffin -type firearm Death Hourer [TGS2022]

In Tokyo Game Show 2022, Gun action ENGRAVE G.O.R.E. was exhibited as a testable title.

This work was released in 2002 and won enthusiastic fans ENGRAVE series. The man who has revived from the death, Beyond the Grave, is a high tension series in which the two-handed pistol Cerberus and the coffin-type firearm Death Haller (Death Haller) shoots down the enemy that attacks one after another.

Some people are Large firearms inspired by graveyards , associated with Michigan manga and anime works, Nicholas D. Wolf wood, a cross-shaped gun, Punisher, etc. You may do it. That should be the case, Dr. Bashir NATO, who worked on the original work and the character design of ENGRAVE, worked on the Blood Front.

In fact, I’m a person who was strongly influenced by playing ENGRAVE during a young and sensitive period. So this work was one of the titles I would like to touch on TGS2022. In this article, we will deliver such Engrave G.O.R.E. Play Ref.

◆ Shoot a bullet from the front and shoot back from the front.

Immediately after starting the demo play, I was impressed by More! It was a ENGRAVE, a bullet from the front, and it was a world view and game system that would take a bullet from the front. In this work, an inevitable amount of enemies will attack, and inevitably need to take gun action in the rain of bullets.

The protagonist Grave is a dead person revived by nectarine. The coffin Death Heller hanging on the back is a stoop that is a big stoop that tends to look up, and the coffin Death Heller hanging on the back, the two-handed pistol Cerberus with a cross design. Grave revived from the graveyard destroys the enemy. This work can be said to be a system that has been established with such a thing.

Of course, there are actions such as avoid and make enemies as shields because there are limits to physical strength and shields. But all of them are aggressive. The options presented in this work include shooting out the enemy while avoiding, pulling enemies far away in a death hook, making it your own shield, Sending a graveyard before shooting.

If it is damaged, the shield recovery means R.I.P. System exists. It is possible to recover the shield by executing enemies in the stun-state with Raging Yo mortal Punisher . At the two-handed pistol Cerberus, put a gun on the enemy’s chin and put it on mercilessly. By doing so, you can continue the battle.

This time, I particularly liked the action that grabbed the enemy by Death Hook and used it as a shield. In the text, I feel it’s ridiculous, but in order to perform a series of actions in a flowing action, I can immerse yourself in a sense of donpachi without feeling guilt.

If you know the work of Dr. Bashir NATO, who worked on the original and character design of ENGRAVE, you may know, but in ENGRAVE G.O.R.E., when you are in a donpachi place with a gun, The enemy is prepared. Lima taste. Both are killed in a world where the amount of goods is ignored.

Finally, what you should not forget is a lot of cool and cool special moves. In the Special Move Demolition Shot, four large techniques can be selected. The trigger-happy technique, such as spreading bullets in all directions with the two-handed pistol Cerberus, kicking out large missiles, shooting them on enemies, and spreading their missiles. In Gun grave G.O.R.E., its charm was firmly inherited.

Unfortunately, the demo play has ended when the boss killing weapon Was akin appeared. Although it is stylish, this work can enjoy flashy donpachi. If you are worried about the hard worldview that shoots a bullet, please check it out.

ENGRAVE G.O.R.E. will be released on November 22 for PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/PC (Steam).

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