Fortnite: All orders in chapter 3 season 4

In our order guide to Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4 you can find out:

  • What weekly orders await you in Fortnite
  • Which milestones you can reach in Season 4

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All weekly orders in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4

New tasks in Fortnite await you every week. You will receive 20,000 XP per order. In addition, you can earn another 150,000 XP a week if you complete seven weekly orders and thus meet the bonus goals.

week 0 :

  • Eliminates an opponent within 5 seconds after sprinting while you are chrome
  • Develops Hemochrome weapons five times by causing damage
  • Buys something from a halter
  • Use chrome mucus on a building and cross it with a shadow jump within 5 seconds
  • Places a pocket bunker in a named place
  • Sets in an emote on the mood airship, at the Hochsee-Hilde and on No Sweat Insurance
  • A turf tree knocks over in the course of a match and gets a roll of rolls

All milestones in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4

Milestones accompany you across the entire Season 4. Each milestone consists of 20 phases and rewarded you with 6,000 XP per phase completed. You also get additional experience points through the milestone bonus goals. For example, you get 20,000 XP for ten completed milestone order phases.

* Thanks the bus driver
* Searched chests or ammunition boxes
* Eliminated opponent
* Develops Hemochrome weapons by causing their damage
* Receive Child
* Achieves headshots with opponents
* Catch objects when fishing
* Adds to opponents too
* Give out bars
* Buy an object from a character or vending machine
* Lives longer than the opponents
* Cover distance as a chrome blob
* Cover distance while you ride on a wild boar or wolf
* Picks fruits of reality seedlings
* Completes bounty hunts
* Be among the last 10
* Restarts team members
* Restores fitness
* Meet weaknesses with the pick-up hoe

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