Dragon Ball artist shows Supreme Kaiosama as a young man

During the saga of Main BUU in Dragon Ball Z, One of the characters that was most important was the old s Supremo Panorama , an old man who came out through the powerful sword Z. and While little approach was given, many fans have wondered how it was in his youth, something that the artist in charge of Super in his manga version already showed us.

It is worth mentioning that this version of Panorama is seen with an elderly appearance because he merged with a witch, because these deities of the universe normally take a long time to age. And in the sketch that has shown us Toyota , you can see a young man of this race of gods running from the character who stole his other slope of fusion.

Here you can see it:

In news related to Dragon Ball. Recently through a note we reveal what is the worst crime that Veg eta has carried out, this in his stage when he was still an antihero in history. If you want to take a look at our explanation, we invite you to click on the following link, you must pass above all if you make a whole fan of the franchise.

Dragon Ball Super is available on platforms such as Crunchyroll .

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