How to get the Deepwood Memories Genshin Impact

GENGHIS IMPACTED Set of Deep wood Memories was created to increase Pedro damage and works well with other elements. However, as is the case with most useful articles, you will have to look for it somewhere in the world if you want to use it with your various characters that inflict Pedro’s damage. Here is everything you need to know about How to get the Deep wood Memories device set.

Genshin Impact Location of the Deep wood Memories device set

The Deep wood Memories device set is in the Avid ya forest as a reward for completing the mastery of the blessing: the seven senses. Look for the Spire of Solitary Enlightenment once he enters the forest. The location of the needle is locked in a circle on the map below.

The set consists of these five pieces: the labyrinth walker, the scholar of the vines, a time of perception, the lamp of the lost and the laurel crown.

How to use the Deep wood Memories artifact set

This set carries the Trump-Card Kitty ability of Collar to the top when combined with other elementary attacks. Try to combine it with a Hydro and Pro attack in a group of enemies to get a fast and devastating Bloom.

To maximize the damage to combos like this, it is better to collect the 5-star versions of the set pieces. Only four of the pieces are needed to get a maximum bonus, so Equip to Collar with a fifth of a different set.

That is all we have in ** How to install the Deep wood Memories Genshin Impact.


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